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About Us

matrix, which employs 10,125 IT professionals, is the leading IT company in Israel as demonstrated in recent research reports of the Israeli IT market, published by the research companies IDC and

STKI.matrix executes some of the largest IT projects in Israel. It develops and implements leading  technologies, software solutions and products. matrix provides infrastructure and consulting services, outsourcing, offshore, nearshore, training and assimilation services. It represents and markets leading software vendors. Among its customers are most of the leading Israeli organizations and companies in the industry, retail, banking and finances, education and academe, Hi-tech and ISVs, telecom, defense, health and the government/public sectors.matrix is traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. matrix’s share is included in the TA-125 index as well as in Tel-Div 20, the prestigious index of the highest dividend yield companies.

Matrix revenues for 2018 reached about NIS 3.17B.
matrix’s reputation is in its excellence and professional ability to adapt technologies and solutions to fitting perfectly its customers' needs, creating the right synergy between business and technology.
  •  Horizontal IT services providing a full solution for end-to-end management and implementation of large scale IT projects
  •  Services by market sectors, providing the best-fit solution to the sector's needs and content world
  • Centers of Excellence providing the experience, the expertise , the technological solutions and  the best practices in various technologies such as: cloud, digital , BI, information and cyber security, etc





 Moti Gutman, CEO

לובי אודות-מוטי גוטמן.jpg​"The values that guide us along the way and best represent our essence and success are the joy of working, the commitment to success and professionalism, innovation and creativity, providing profits to our shareholders, and the value we bring  in each of our actions."