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Social Commitment & Community Relationships

Matrix, as a leader in its field and deeply rooted in the Israeli experience, has worked out of a commitment to the Israeli market, to the society in which it grew and to the community, and is committed to its involvement in many fields: taking initiative, leadership and harnessing business success to promote social values.
Matrix believes that a successful business company is one that contributes, that cares and that is a true partner is social actions, and therefore had made giving and devotion to social goals a significant part of its industry.
  • Social Leadership

    Matrix acted to produce  programs that will "teach fishing" and not only "bring fish". Matrix had worked to integrate additional values in teaching how to fish out of a deep and long-term commitment.
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  • Contributing Business Activity

    Matrix works toward business cooperation in projects that contribute to the community
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  • Employment Diversity

    Matrix believes in the promotion of businesses that deal with social goals and employee diversified populations
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  • Giving to Others

    Matrix believes that giving and donating to others as a way of life and example is essential for a successful business company
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  • The Israeli Personal Computer Museum

    The Israeli Personal Computer Museum in Haifa is free of charge and is highly recommended to all of those who grew up in the age of spectrum, Dragon, Commodore, Atari, Apple and want to return to those days, even for a few moments.