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Matrix Subsidiaries

  • 2bsecure

    2BSecure is a leader in Information Security providing advanced information security solutions, consulting and integration to a wide range of clients in Israel and other countries. The company services include: performing surveys and reviews, regulatory compliance, performing penetration tests, security awareness training, consulting, implementation and integration of Information and Communication security solutions. The company has professional experts with diplomas and certifications in Information Security, Communications, Networks, applications and databases. The company provides complete information security solutions mainly for enterprises. 2BSecure specializes in the assessment, consultation, design and implementation of all information security and risk management related fields.
  • matrix Bi

    Matrix BI is the leading BI and BI data solutions firm in Israel, employing 250 experts in various BI fields. Matrix BI is part of the Matrix Group, and provides a complete and professional solution for the BI needs of its customers with a suite of BI solutions and managed services. Matrix BI preserves and leverages its organizational knowledge.
    The solutions provided by Matrix BI are among the leading and most innovative ones in the market. They include solutions in the areas of business performance management, advanced visualization, analytics, advanced information integration, and the implementation of business applications in the areas of finance, customer service, marketing, and sales.
    Solutions are grouped under three main business lines:
    •  Cloud and big data
    •  Data science
    •  BI and analytics
  • Matrix Global

    Matrix Global deals with offshore and nearshore services in Israel and Eastern Europe. The company supplies both Israeli and international customers high-quality, professional services of software development, manual and automatic software testing and technical and application support with a great cost/benefit ratio.
    Matrix Global specializes in WEB environments, Mobile, DB, Desktop Applications and Portals, RT and Embedded and in development platforms, including: Java/J2EE, Power Builder, Oracle app net, ALM, etc.
    Matrix Global employs about 850 workers in Israel, in the six development centers in Israel and in three centers in Eastern Europe: Bulgaria, Macedonia and Ukraine.
    According to the STKI analysts, Matrix, through Matrix Global, was named the biggest, leading company in the field of nearshore/offshore in Israel in 2011.
  • Matrix Testing & Automation

    Matrix Testing and Automation - The testing division of Matrix is the largest and the leading testing firm in Israel. The company specializes in providing manual and automated testing, as well as automation and load testing using a range of technologies for a variety of sectors. The division provides a wide selection of solutions and tools.
    Matrix Testing and Automation provides unique solutions through a variety of business models, including onsite consultants on the client’s premises, assuming full responsibility for the project, carrying out the activity at a remote site using an offshore or nearshore model, or a combination of the above. The company works with clients from all sectors: financial, public, telecom and high-tech, government, industry, and military/security.
    According to an STKI survey, Matrix Testing and Automation was the largest and leading company in the field of testing in Israel in 2015, for the seventh consecutive year.
  • Babcom Centers

    Babcom Centers is a leader in the field of service, and was established in 2008 by Imad Telhami, who was later on teamed by Dov and Noam Lautman.
    The company specialized in customer service centers in an off shore/near shore model and unique development services
    The company, which has a multi-cultural character, includes 500 employees and provides an answer for the employment needs of the population in the Galilee, especially for young academics from the Arab community by employing them at the service centers for the customers in the industrial areas of Tefen and Misgav or as developers at the software house in Misgav.
    The company’s customer services centers provide call center services for the leading organizations in Israel and are characterized by operational flexibility and the ability to quickly respond to the changes in the customer needs.
    Due to the unique workforce, the company can provide additional offshore services of translation and localization of software into Arabic, plus Arabic support centers, translation and maintenance of Arabic websites, etc.
  • Tangram Soft Ltd.

    Tangram Soft is one of the leading companies in the field of IT services in Israel. The company, which has operated in the field since 2000, includes over 300 employees and provides high-quality, professional IT consultation, outsourcing, development, projects, selling and implementation of software and infrastructure products.
    Tangram specializes in a variety of fields, including SOA and integration, IT and database infrastructures, MF, Java/J2EE, cloud applications development and migration and other development areas, BI and information security.
    Tangram is a main business partner of IBM and has a premier level position – the highest partnership level. Within this cooperation Tangram specializes in selling IBM products, some in a unique model, like Datapower and MF, joint projects, development, implementation, consultation and training for the IBM products.
    As part of its unique activity and vast experience, Tangram brings additional values to its customers. Values such as agility and a quick reply to the constant and changing needs, a high level of professionalism, meticulous quality of products and services, fairness and credibility, a skilled and professional recruitment team that understands the needs of the customers, gives them efficient solutions and constantly strives for excellence. All this while running the customer activity by a personal customer manager, who guarantees personal treatment and a unique service experience.
  • John Bryce – Hi-Tech College

    John Bryce – Hi-Tech College is the biggest, leading center for training in computer and information technologies, administration, service and sales skills. John Bryce – Hi-Tech College has activity and training centers in Israel, Europe and in the Far East.
    John Bryce – Hi-Tech College is the result of a merger between two of the leading technological training companies in Israel – John Bryce Training and the Hi-Tech College, and is used as a licensed training center of most leading software and hardware companies, such as Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, HP, Checkpoint, Redhat, BMC, EMC, VMWare, Texas Instruments, Symantec, etc.
    John Bryce – Hi-Tech College was rated first in 2010 and 2011 in a survey by the Geocartography research institute for the “Test of the Nation” under the “Best IT School” category. According to the STKI survey, the Matrix training and assimilation division ( John Bryce – Hi-Tech College) was named the biggest, leading company in the field in 2011, for the sixth year in a row.
    John Bryce – Hi-Tech College is a part of Matrix's training and assimilation division.
  • The Israel Management Center (IMC)

    The Israel Management Center is the leading company in Israel for executive training and the development of management culture by combining theoretical learning and practical tools.
    The IMC provides an updated and advanced knowledge center with unique contents for executives in various positions in all organizations.
    The IMC allows for growth and professional and personal development in a variety of specialties and formats, and provides customized courses for the organization’s unique requirements.
    The knowledge is given through a wide range of tools, such as courses, workshops, forum meetings, seminars, conventions, excellence competitions, etc.
    The IMC also provides managerial consultation services
    Along with training, the IMC holds professional executive conventions and professional forums such as the Hi-Tech CEO Forum,  CSO (customer service) Forum and more, in which hundreds of managers take part and discuss professional issues.
    In addition, the IMC holds several competitions: The international EFFIE awards, the customer service competition, Human Resource Excellency and the Hi-Tech CEO competition.
    Over the years, thousands have participated in the IMC trainings, and have learned and improved in the different management fields.
  • Hi-Tech MediaTech College Ltd.

    The Hi-Tech MediaTech College is the northern Matrix training and assimilation branch and is the biggest, leading training and assimilation center for computers and technology in northern Israel.
    MediaTech Hi-Tech was established in 1991 and is now operating a chain of colleges all over the north.
    Our customers include hundreds of groups, authorities and organizations, which are leaders in the Israeli industry, commerce, health, finance, telecom and government and public sectors.
  • Matrix IFS

    Matrix IFS, an American subsidiary of Matrix, is a leading global consulting firm helping financial services institutions meet regulatory compliance requirements and establish a defense against fraud risks.  Matrix IFS combines business experience and technical expertise to assist financial services institutions meet expanding risk and compliance challenges.
    Founded in 2006, Matrix IFS has developed and nurtured a broad expertise across multiple solution platforms and experience helping clients to plan, implement and maintain compliance and fraud prevention solutions. Matrix IFS’s  solutions on the market today – including Actimize™, Oracle™ Mantas™, Norkom™, Fortent™ and NASDAQ OMX™ SMARTS™ - help institutions not only adopt or develop on a single platform but also build a comprehensive fraud and compliance solution across multiple platforms.
    Matrix IFS’s clients include Citi, Deutsche Bank, the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, HSBC, Wells Fargo, UBS, Barclays Capital, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Nomura and BNP Paribas.

  • Xtivia

    Xtivia is a subsidiary of Matrix in the USA. The company was established in 1992 and serves hundreds of customers in North America. The company is a quality boutique, with employees and five USA branches for the following fields:
    Database support – the company supports most leading database (Oracle, SQL, Informix, DB2, Sybase, etc.) The company developed remote control mechanisms and support is both remote and on-site.
    Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence projects – the company accompanies its customers throughout the project lifecycles, from design to construction and system management.
    WEB integration projects – the company develops organizational portal systems for JAVA/J2EE and SharePoint environments and OpenSource world platforms, develops and supports for Liferay, JBoss, etc.
    Remote support services for Application Servers – this service is performed with a unique command and control tool the company had developed.

    STONS domain expertise - IBM software and authorized to sell the entire portfolio of IBM software. It holds wide, rich and deep knowledge of IBM software which brings value to the customer. It is a one stop shop for each and every IBM software need.
    STONS help the organization to stay compliant with the very complex IBM policy and advise it how to save on their software and renewals related expenses.
    In addition to customer support, STONS work actively with other resellers and system integrators to achieve needed IBM requirements for their customers.
    STONS is an award winning company including Top SMB revenue growth in 2016.
  • Infinity Labs R&D

    Infinity Labs R&D is a Knowledge Center specializing in Software R&D, specifically of software technologies related to Pervasive Computing.
    Aside from developing its own Intellectual Property (IP), Infinity Labs R&D shares its knowledge and expertise through services such as training, coaching, consulting, research and development. Whether it be parallel computing, open source, cyber-security, mobile, distributed systems, event-driven architectures, real-time/embedded, web,or cloud computing Infinity Labs R&D’s experts are there to ensure success.
    Infinity Labs R&D’s technical R&D team consists of leaders in their respective fields. With an eye towards tomorrow’s technology, as well as solid real-world experience to back them up, Infinity Labs R&D researchers and consultants quickly provide high quality technical yet practical solutions.

    AVIV AMCG provides consulting and project management company, providing services to a variety of industries in both public and private sectors. Founded in 1988, the company offers holistic solutions, driving results throughout the entire value chain and supporting its customers from strategic planning all the way to the project completion.
    AVIV AMCG believes in long-term partnerships with its customers, based on our proved track record and results-driven approach.
    Areas of expertise: Management consulting, Project management, Urban & physical planning, Environmental consulting & planning, Infrastructure & transportation planning and Planning water purification facilities.
  • Programa

    Programa is an international management consulting and engineering company specializing in supply chain, operations, logistics, materials handling design, analytical modeling & simulation. Programa is constantly striving to add value to its clients' business by developing and implementing significant, cost-effective, tangible benefits, thus achieving a competitive advantage in their market place. The company's unique proposition combines a holistic approach coupled with creative functional expertise .This is also demonstrated in its ability to lead clients with innovative solutions.  This approach allows our Programa clients to create sustainable competitive advantage in their marketplace.
  • NIT

    Network Infrastructure Technologies Inc. (NIT) including its NIT Finance and NIT Health groups was acquired by Matrix-IFS in October 2016. NIT is a leader in IT consulting and outsourcing for finance and healthcare in the areas of IT and SEC compliance, data governance and data lifecycle management solutions. NIT has offices across the U.S. and serves top tier financial institutions and hospitals.