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Business Partners

  • IBM

    Matrix is a premier level leading partner of IBM for 15 years. Matrix has been providing the widest range of services and specialties involving the IBM products in Israel.
    Among the IBM technologies services that Matrix supplies are: software solutions, distribution, development and implementation, training and assimilation, consultation, expert services and methodologies, project management, infrastructure and hardware solutions and also a variety of unique development solutions.
    Thanks to the hundreds of Matrix specialists in IBM technologies and the exclusive, advanced Israeli training center – Blue Education Center – managed by matrix training division, Matrix had become the biggest IBM technologies “knowledge lab” in Israel.
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  • Microsoft

    Matrix is a gold level senior partner of global Microsoft throughout its wide range of products and solutions. Matrix is also a partner in unique partnership programs that give it early exposure to knowledge and designated market entrepreneurships.
    The close cooperation together with the specialty accumulated involving the Microsoft solutions enable the customer to have smooth assimilation of extensive solutions and answers to all the needs in the process: consultation, software solutions distribution, implementation and development, project management, training and assimilation. Matrix had also developed a variety of unique services and solutions based on Microsoft platforms, which provide the customers with additional value and advanced business and technological abilities.
    John Bryce Training – Hi-Tech College and Mediatech College, as the Matrix training division, are gold partners of global Microsoft.
    Matrix is a gold partner of Microsoft in a variety of fields of expertise and in 2011 was selected as the leading partner in the NSI (national system integrator) territory, a partnership which provides Matrix with access to resources and technologies that bring an added value to the customers.
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  • Oracle

    Matrix is a platinum partner (the highest level) of global Oracle. The cooperation with Matrix provides the customers with a large range of solutions and services involving the Oracle products.
    Matrix has a unique specialty in Implementation and development involving CRM, Peoplesoft and Siebel, Implementation and development services of SOA solutions and organizational integration, databases & BI.
    Matrix had developed a variety of designated, Oracle-based solutions, such as the ERP system (Tafnit), the core banking system (bankware ) and unique systems for the capital market.
    John Bryce Training – Hi-Tech College, the Matrix training division, is the largest, leading authorized Oracle training center in Israel, It holds the annual Oracle Week, the biggest computing convention in Israel, with thousands of participants.
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  • Red Hat

    Matrix has been the official representative and distributer of the Red Hat solutions in Israel for many years. Ever since Red Hat had entered Israel, Matrix had distributed,  implemented  and integrated its solutions in over 650 organizations, often as the basis for critical applications.
    The close relationship between Matrix and Red Hat are also expressed through their unique operation model: Israel is the only country where a local representative distribute, provides solutions, support and service both in level 1 and level 2. This model is a testament to the degree of trust Red Hat has in the professionalism, reputation and serviceability of Matrix.
    The Matrix Open Source support center provides 24/7 services and is ranked among the highest in professionalism, in staff comprehension of the organization’s needs, in willingness to assist, in response times and in staff serviceability.
    The close relationship between Matrix and Red Hat, together with Israel’s reputation as an High tech and start up  innovation country, have lead Red Hat to launce a unique plan to support Israeli startups, in cooperation with Matrix –  the Red Hat Innovate program.
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  • EMC

    Matrix is a leading partner of EMC since 2006. Matrix has a team of specialists certified by EMC, which promotes the variety of company solutions, including: virtualization, central storage, backup and recovery.
    The joint solution center of EMC and Matrix, the first of its kind in Israel, has won the best solution center in Europe award (in October 2009). The center was established in order to allow customers to experiment with an environment that simulates the existing environment in the organization while using the EMC systems.
    John Bryce Training – Hi-Tech College, the Matrix training division, is the official and exclusive EMC training supplier in Israel.
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  • SAP

    Matrix is a gold senior partner of SAP and has a unique partnership with it in the field of BusinessObjects. Matrix is the biggest and leading center of knowledge in the field with 16 years of knowledge and experience in selling, implementing and supporting BusinessObjects solutions, and is also the only partner that supplies support services for the product.
    Matrix BI, the Matrix BI branch, supplies implementation services, experts and development of solutions for the BI world that complete the wide array of the Matrix solutions in the field.
    John Bryce Training – Hi-Tech College, the Matrix training branch, is a leading certified training supplier of SAP in Israel.
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  • HP

    Matrix is a leader in executing projects and supplying innovative solutions by using HP technologies.
    The Matrix integration and infrastructures division is a partner and distributer of Compaq HP since 1992 and is now prominent as one of the biggest partners in hardware and services.
    In addition, Tact testing, the Matrix testing division and the leader in the field in Israel, has a strategic cooperation with HP Software for selling licenses and additional value services for HP Software tools in testing and automation.
    John Bryce Training – Hi-Tech College, the Matrix training division, is the official training supplier of HP Software in Israel and a leading training supplier of the HP infrastructures division.
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  • Apple

    Matrix was authorized as the AASI (Apple Authorized System Integrator) in Israel for providing solutions for the enterprise organizations market Matrix was also named for the licensed Apple training center (AATC) in Israel.
    Within the cooperation between Matrix and Apple, Matrix provides knowledge and solutions for organizations regarding mobile management and using the technology to gain efficiency and a competitive edge in the market, to connect mobile systems to the organization, to merge the organizational policy with the mobile applications, to develop mobile solutions for the marketing and operational fields and to provide general solutions for all aspects of development and application of mobile solutions in the organization. Matrix provides extensive solutions based on iPad and iPhone that are customized to the needs of the organization, linking to the data infrastructures as part of the mult-channel strategy in the organization while meeting the challenges of management, information,  security and control over the applications and different uses of the devices.
    Matrix has a direct link to the Apple engineers abroad and to the expansive knowledge and experience of hundreds of organizations all over the world.
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  • Amazon

    Amazon chose Matrix  as a Premier Partner ( the only Israeli partner of approximately 20 partners around the world). Matrix is also  a leading Consulting Partner, authorized Worldwide Channel Reseller and authorized Government Reseller for the full range of solutions and services of AWS. Amazon chose John Bryce Training - Hi-tech College,  Matrix training division, to be its certified training center in Israel (APN Training Partner) - certification, courses and knowledge enrichment in the community around AWS. Matrix provides comprehensive services around AWS - consulting, design, implementation, development and migration, support, maintenance, and solutions around a variety of content areas such as Big Data, business continuity and infrastructure, information security, development and testing.
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