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Professional Services

The optimal combination that offers experienced professionals, with flexibility and high availability for dedicated needs

Matrix, through the professional services division, offers its customers experienced professionals in the various fields of IT, according to the needs of the organization: project managers, systems analysts, different levels of team leaders, developers in different technological environments, system and help desk people, QA experts and content consultants, all specializing in unique fields and sectors (like PMO, CRM, etc.) Matrix has also special expertise and experience in the Hi-Tech, banking and telecom sectors.
The professional services are given as part of a unique, available and flexible service casing, which includes collaboration with Matrix's centers of excellence and matrix's training divisions and allows preservation and leveraging of knowledge in the organization.

Solutions that Customers Love


Professionals who are well-versed with the entire range of professions and fields of expertise in the world of IT and in a variety of professional and business content worlds.

Access to knowledge sources

The Matrix employees are constantly updated in all the current knowledge in all fields of IT through the Matrix centers of excellence, the training facilities and matrix's close relationship with labs and development groups of its international partners and vendors.

Availability and flexibility

Matrix is spread wide with one of the biggest recruitment mechanisms and has a quick ability to locate candidates and/or teams that are best suited for each project.


Matrix has the ability to perform outsourcing in a variety of activities, like infrastructure management, testing, development, PMO, etc.

Accompaniment and backup – leveraging knowledge

Every professional and every project receive a full backup from Matrix, which is the IT services leader in the Israeli market and the most experienced with hundreds of customers in all business sectors. This includes an accompaniment for its employees within the professional recruitment formation and technological and content consultation from the Matrix professionals, business divisions and center of excellence.