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Training and Assimilation

Matrix enables its customers business and personal growth through a high-quality, professional and innovative learning experience

John Bryce Training, the Matrix training and assimilation services, is the leading training and assimilation company in Israel within computer and IT training, professional skills, administrative skills, service and sales.
In August 2011 there was a merger of the John Bryce training activities with the Hi-Tech College, two of the biggest and leading IT training companies in Israel. The two were merged into one big, high-quality training organization that combines the assets and added values of both companies.
The division offers its customers in Israel and abroad training, assimilation and learning services, from surveying the needs of organizational and personal training, through constructing the most suitable training solution to the organization and the worker and applying it and finally establishing computerized learning infrastructures . The division has extensive experience and specialty in performing IT assimilations in organizations through all the cycles of the system, while using unique methodologies alongside innovative technologies.
The training and assimilation services can be fully customized to the customer’s needs, within their scale and location: beginning with a variety of courses and training activities at the John Bryce branches in Israel and abroad, at the customer’s offices and full outsourcing activity. John Bryce Training is the licensed training center for most leading technology, communication, hardware and software international vendors. The division has training professionals, professional consultants, project managers, training developers, guides and assimilators.

Solutions that Customers Love

​Training solutions

John Bryce Training offers its customers a wide variety of training solutions:
  • Training technological professionals in many infrastructure and development environments and the technological products available in the market.
  • Teaching advanced methodologies to system analysts, projects managers, implementers, etc.
  • Training communication professionals.
  • Teaching administrative skills, managerial skills, service and sales.
  • Training on the capital market.
  • Training technology professionals in the north by Mediatech – Hitech.
  • Learning GreenTech technologies and environment through the Matrix GreenTech College.

Assimilation solutions

Assimilating new information systems in the organization with the end users and key users.
Maintaining and preserving the level of use in the system and its quality after time of release. Accompanying the organization throughout the process of organizational change and increasing its readiness for assimilation of the information systems and organizational changes, while improving the ROI of the relevant environment.
E-learning and teleprocessing solutions
Developing e-learning and teleprocessing and technological solutions, combined with the establishment of advanced and diversified learning processes, educational software in many technological environments, representing a list of international e-learning solutions in Israel and the world and providing professional services  for e-learning and technical writing.