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Testing and Quality Assurance

​Matrix is a leader in the testing market, through Tact Software Testing, its testing division (according to the STKI research Tact has been the leader in testing in Israel for several years in a row). Tact specializes in providing manual and automatic testing services in a variety of technologies and sectors and in developing unique testing methods while using customized tools (see the dynamic testing center of excellence).
Tact has expertise in testing automation and traffic in a variety of solutions and tools customized for different environments. Tact testing is unique by giving an answer for a variety of business models like on-site advisors, with full project responsibility or performing the activity from a remote location on an offshore, nearshore or integrated model.
Tact has many clients from all sectors: financial, public, telecom and hi-tech, governmental, industrial, retail and defense.​​

Solutions that Customers Love

​Automation and traffic testing

A unique specialty in planning and executing testing on automation, performance and traffic with a variety of tools and solutions, both with products of leading suppliers and with open source tools solutions. Within the specialty the real needs of the organization are examined, the ROI for the relevant tools are defined and the most suitable solution, which includes testing tools and methodology, is selected.

Mobile testing

The mobile testing lab has a specialty in manual and automatic testing in the mobile world - the activity includes unique mobile testing methodologies, using automation tools and the SAAS model for testing a variety of devices over international carriers.

Application testing

Planning and executing software testing for main applications in organizations and institutions, such as: billing, CRM, ERP, Web, BI, DWH and portals.

Agile model testing

Agile models require testing that demand much more automation for the development process. Performing the automation in these models, management, assimilation and selection of the proper tools requires expertise. Tact testing has the expertise and knowledge for the automation projects within those models.

Real-time and embedded testing

Testing for real-time systems, critical systems, military and defense applications, command and control systems and advanced communication systems.

Cloud testing

Executing traffic and performance testing with the cloud (a variety of solutions),like SAAS model mobile testing, using SAAS model testing management tools or web applications and mobile devices testing based on crowd sourcing (a community of web testers).

Quality assurance (QA)

Consultation, assimilation and implementation of development procedures and software QA formations, building measurement systems and preparing organizations for ISO authorization and other software development regulations.

Representation and selling testing tools

Intact is representing and selling testing tools for different fields, including: ALM management, performance and automation. See more on the testing tools in the dynamic testing center of excellence.


Training services and courses on Testing, QA metrics, test automation tools and performance.