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Matrix Consulting

Multidisciplinary consultation services for the defense and civil sectors

Matrix Consulting is a leading consulting company specializing in the provision of diverse technology and management services to companies and organizations.  Our services cover a broad range of areas including: planning and management of information systems; organizational and HR development; operations research and analysis; project and program management; consulting to senior management and directorates; complex project guidance; system engineering, economic evaluations and resource allocation.

Endowed with a wealth of human capital comprising over 200 leading experts with vast technological, organizational and operational experience, Matrix Consulting has carried out hundreds of projects in diverse areas including: counseling, planning and monitoring of strategy, market research, systems engineering, organizational and administrative consulting, organizational deployment and methods, efficiency and performance enhancement, business continuity and more.
Our customers include the IDF, defense industries, government sector, financial sector, etc.

Solutions that Customers Love

Professional consultation for defense sector

Market studies, technology evaluation, strategic planning, business plans, business initiatives and development, marketing.
Defense systems development
Analyzing needs and defining operational requirements, operations research, system specifications, systems engineering, integration, implementation of improvements. Vast experience in the development of complex weaponry, sensors, command & control systems, intelligence.

Business continuity

Matrix Consulting offers a full package of services aimed at preparing organizations for emergency and disaster situations, specifically: defining relevant scenarios, analyzing risks to the organization, formulating business continuity and disaster recovery plans, supporting compliance and certification processes, training, simulations, drills, and supportive software tools.
For additional details contact: Arnon Schrire | | Tel: 09-9598680

Organizational and Human Resource Development

With its talented staff of senior consultants with rich experience in a variety of special fields, Matrix Consulting provides organizational consulting services in multiple levels including industrial engineering and management studies, social and behavioral sciences, operations research and information systems research.

Organizational counseling and methods:

  • organizational structures, formulation of working processes, internal and external interfaces, performance enhancement processes.
  • Consultancy in human capital development: development for management and staffs, change management, organizational culture, evaluation of employees, rewards, career paths, drawing conclusions as the basis for effecting positive changes.
  • Advice for developing innovation in the organization: maximizing the organization's abilities and resources while creating mechanisms for innovation using leading and relevant technologies and methodologies —based on trends and changes in the information world.
  • Supervising the implementation of organizational changes – with intra-organizational applications that assist in organizational development processes; management development; data mining of the organization's systems; development and tracking of organizational indicators.

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Planning, control and management technologies

Matrix Consulting has a proven record of accomplishment in improving managerial capabilities and performance across a broad range of organizations and sectors.  Improvement is achieved through a unique blend of knowledge, tools, methodologies, and a professional workforce engaged in planning and controlling processes at all levels. 
Matrix possess a unique methodology for producing managerial continuity that begins with policy and extends through construction of work plans as well as proven experience in:
* system specification, application and implementation of supportive tools and infrastructures (c-level dashboards and key performance indicators (KPI);
* designated solutions for planning and review of work plans and projects;
* GRC products;
* IT Governance products;
* Tools for tracking decisions, assignments and effective meetings

Consultancy in information systems field

Building an IT strategy; multi-year master plans; assistance in decisions regarding the integration of central/critical systems in the organization; complex IT system specification; management of projects related to information systems and command & control systems; characterization of needs in managerial information and knowledge management, mobilization for DRP (disaster recovery plans) and risk management; analysis and implementation of managerial-organizational aspects related to IT; organizational structure of the IT unit; working processes vis-à-vis users and SLA; guidance for decisions regarding outsourcing, work plans, budget and more.
For additional details contact: Yoram Yaron | email: | Tel: 09-9598680