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Software Products Representation

The world’s leading software products and solutions under one roof

The Matrix software products division has been representing in Israel leading worldwide software companies and promising Israeli solutions for the past 20 years, as well as providing marketing services, product management, implementation and full support for those solutions.
The division provides software solutions in all IT content worlds, including: CRM, BI, system management, open code, command and control, knowledge management, content management, integration, data security, testing, printing management, etc. The software products division works in full cooperation with the different Matrix divisions in consultation, implementation, and assimilation. The division has a network of expert partners, who also implement and integrate the division’s products in various projects.
The division is the largest knowledge center in Israel for international IT solutions and it brings its knowledge and experience to Israeli customers in all market sectors with dozens of professionals and technological experts, who provide products management, support, consultation and assistance.
The division has a unique specialty in OEM for the hi-tech and ISV sectors. The division operates a 24/7 call center that meets the SO-9000 standard, as well as on-site support and localization services.

Solutions that Customers Love

The Matrix software products division represents in Israel the world’s leading products in all IT content worlds;

Management, operation and optimization of the night window

Each organization has hundreds, thousands and dozens of thousands of works that compliment the online work. The challenge in accurately operating within a narrowing time window is no less important than operating the organization during service hours (online).

Business services, ITIL and production management

Solutions for managing business services and computerization organizations. Command and control from the level of infrastructure to business services, improving the agility through automation of establishment processes and changing the layout of services and infrastructures, managing support processes and supplying services based on ITIL and IT Governance for planning budgets, tasks, demands, suppliers and projects. The solutions help organizations improving the command and control abilities over a dynamic and heterogenic computerization formation while reducing the operation costs.

Open code

Open code software is a free software that relates to the users’ freedom to run, distribute and re-distribute, to learn, to change and improve the software according to rules, which are phrased in one of the open code licenses.
This means that everyone has access to the original source code of the software without dependency on the software company, with the possibility to develop the software and improve it. This model doubles the amount of developers working on the code compared to closed code projects. Free software doesn’t mean it is not commercial or that is has no business model and support. When it comes to free software, the supplier is tested on excellent support service, which includes quick solution of bugs and added value for the customers. The safety in the quality and security of open code products that the supplier is committed to within the subscription is the key to the broad use of open code products in organizations.

Fencing and managing operational risks

This family of solutions provides an answer to the needs of the organization in the field of meeting regulative procedures and risk management in operating the organizational IT formation. The solutions provides mechanized, online tools for managing changes, preventing sensitive data loss, managing intersystem dependency, etc. Adopting the solutions in this field enables an organization to manage the IT division more safely and efficiently and thus maximizing the organization’s business value while reducing the exposure to operational risks and regulatory guidelines.

Information and Data managemnet

The field of data management includes solutions that enable management, restoration and searching in all existing data sources in the organization (built-in or not). With these solutions the organizational data can be mobilized and turned into a model in a way that allows for improved, high-quality databases, which prevent data duplication between systems and lack of data synchronicity. In addition, this family of solutions includes tools for data restoration and performing complex queries that present the information in a clear visual manner with high business value. Also, the solutions enable a smart search in the organizational database that uses sophisticated engines of language analysis in order to receive accurate and high-quality information. 

Office of the CIO

Solutions in this field are tools for holistic management of the IT unit. The solutions include a variety of tools that help the IT unit management to make executive decisions with consideration of budget, meeting organizational goals and managing demands. By leveraging these tools, the IT unit management receives a united picture of all the projects in the organization, running the manufacturing floor and maximizing the organization’s resources. Using these solutions increases the organization’s revenues, decreases costs and makes the IT unit management more efficient – all while maintaining an alignment between business and IT.

User experience

Unique solutions for optimizing the performances of applications on the web, the organization mobile devices and cloud. The solution mesure the service experience of all users, all the transactions, all the time.


CRM solutions in different technologies, advanced applications, running a catalogue and managing a holistic view of the customers – 360 degrees.

Output management

Lately, many organizations have been forced to deal with meaningful changes in the way they run their outputs. Issues like multi-channels, decreasing costs and green technology obligate the organization to create a modern and efficient output formation. This family of solutions provides the organization the tools required to run the outputs in a modern and efficient way, such as distributing contents in a wide variety of channels and reducing the amount of high-cost outputs (physical mail delivery, sending duplicate customer correspondence, etc.)

Development life-cycle

Business success of  software development lies on the ability of the software togive the results it was designed to give and quickly. Immediate success depends on the definition and management of the demands, performing the proper tests and correctly managing changes. Proper performance will lead to significant results: cost savings, production increase, quick product release and improvement of customer satisfaction.


The more an organization invests and expands its IT infrastructures, the bigger the challenge of combining between the different organizational systems becomes. In accordance with this challenge, the integration field had created a wide variety of different methodologies and technologies for combining between systems and data, like data conversion, improvement and integration. Perceptions like SOA, real-time integration and connecting old systems with new ones – all of these demand adopting innovative integration solutions. This family of solutions provides modern, efficient and strong tools that answer these needs.

Data security

The field of data security is broad and includes different references, from protecting data from unauthorized factors to hurting the business and operative core of companies and countries.
Attacks on a company’s data systems means the loss of the customers’ trust. In many companies’ data systems have databases that contain details that relate to the customers, and when unauthorized factors make their way to those databases, the customers become victims as well. If the customers find out about it the damages can be overwhelming. Matrix represents a number of technologies that cover different parts in the security and defense preceptions and architecture, and it also created a designated cyber expertise.

Main frame

Mainframe solutions include improvements on critical business systems in the organization: development environments, databases and production environments.
Among these improvements: performance enhancement tools, improving system survivability, process automation, managing outputs and development efficiency.

Real time

Solutions that enable the transferring of hundreds of thousands of messages per second with no failure point between many end points or end systems. The solution is an extensive solution for the embedded work environment with instant messaging infrastructure to speed up time to market and reducing development times.

OEM (original equipment manufacturer)

By activating different business models, Matrix combines the products of leading international companies, which it represents, as part of the ISVs core solutions. Matrix allows the ISVs to purchase products in OEM deals, and to combine R&D versions that reduce initial costs of licenses. ISVs that combine these solutions benefit from ready and tested products from the experience and reputation of the international companies and from international marketing assistance and exposure.