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Outsourcing and offshore

The Matrix outsourcing methods give the organization the best price/quality solution that focus on, maintain and leverage the IT skills and knowledge of the organization.

Matrix provides organizations of all sizes with a wide range of outsourcing services, including offshore and nearshore. Matrix Global, the Matrix offshore and nearshore division, was established as a high-quality alternative to the competition set by other countries, such as India for low-cost QA and development services. The Matrix Global testing and development centers, which work closely with the Matrix Centers of Excellence and the training division, supply innovative, professional, and distinctive solution in competitive prices.
All the services given to our clients, in any method, are given by experienced professionals in various areas of the IT field, while accessing the most updated knowledge sources and accompanied by the Matrix professional services division. The Matrix training divisions give training and guidance for all the leading technologies in the market and the Matrix excellence centers provide the professional knowledge and experience accumulated from hundreds of projects in different areas.
According to STKI (market research and strategic analysis):
"Matrix Global, the Nearshore – Offshore division of Matrix, is the largest company and  the leader in Nearshore – Offshore in Israel.
(March 2015)

Solutions that Customers Love

Testing and development solutions

Developing software in a variety of platforms and languages, manual and automatic software testing, traffic load and performance, technical and application support and technical writing.​

Maintenance solutions

Software services and infrastructure maintenance within minimal response time, plus a 24/7 active help desk service, full responsibility over applications like ERP, BI and CRM, including internet and intranet websites.

Business processes management solutions

Complete business processes management services for the customer allows the organization to reduce costs and focus on their main business.

BI managed solutions

BI First, the Matrix BI company, works in cooperation with the excellence centers and the Matrix offshore and nearshore division to supply full and professional solutions to the organization's BI needs, while maintaining and leveraging the organizational knowledge and with emphasis on the business value: decreasing the burden of operation from the organization, operational and business flexibility, answering business needs, innovative solutions, improving production and quality of services in the organization.

Customized communication methods

Outsourcing – providing a professional staff for projects all the way from accepting full responsibility for managing the organization’s IT to managing whole business processes (BPO). The Matrix professionals execute projects, integrate and operate technologies of all kinds, from infrastructure systems, to developing and running internet systems and finally maintaining and operating advance and complex applications.
Offshore – development centers in East Europe (Bulgaria, Macedonia and Ukraine) provide development and software testing services in a remote location, with skilled staff and appealing costs.
Nearshore – development centers in Israel provide development and software testing services, with a skilled staff and appealing costs. This system allows the customer to get effective control and supervision without dealing with language, culture or time differences.
Integrated model – a blend of local and remote services. A unique ability to integrate between activities at the client location (on site professional services) and remote activity, which guarantees a high level of professionalism, complete supervision and management capabilities and appealing costs.