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Development and Implementation

Managing, developing and implementing projects, leading technologies and solutions

​Matrix deals with managing and executing the leading IT projects, which include developing solutions and implementing leading technologies for clients of all sectors.
The unique organizational structure of Matrix allows its divisions and centers to provide customized solutions to the needs of the client and is aimed at business value. Matrix has sector-based executing divisions with knowledge, experience and a deep understanding in the needs of the sector and its business surroundings in Israel and the world. The broad services divisions provide full IT services in all fields and the excellence centers, that concentrate all the technological and applicative knowledge and experience that had accumulated in Matrix into the fields of IT, transform it into methodologies, tools and unique solutions to raise the chances of success in any project. The combination of business, sector base knowledge, technological and applicative knowledge and a broad IT projects understanding provide our clients with a proven solution customized to their business needs.

According to STKI (market research and strategic analysis):
"John Bryce Training,  Training and implementation division of Matrix, is the largest and leading company in training and implementation in Israel. 
(March 2012)


Solutions that Customers Love

​Knowledge centers

Matrix brings together a wide and diverse knowledge from Israel and the world in all IT areas and leading technologies, because of the business and marketing strategy that relies on several anchors:


  • Highest level of strategic partnerships with the leading international software and hardware companies, like IBM, Oracle Microsoft, EMC, SAP and HP. Working with the labs, partnering on unique initiatives and leading new professional fields.
  • The close relationships with the local and international software vendors that Matrix represents, with which it builds the knowledge base for clients and partners.
  • The biggest training center in Israel, which represents all international technology vendors, gives training in all fields of IT and management and has become the biggest "knowledge lab" in Israel, with the best approach to local and international professional knowledge and human capital.
  • The excellence centers - the centers are based on the accumulate vast knowledge of Matrix from Israel and abroad in fields that are critical for customers IT needs. They work side by side with the local and international companies and leading analysts, “bring out” the generic wisdom and transform it into tools, methodologies, solutions and best practices to reduce risks and bringing business value into projects.
  • Long-term work with hundreds of clients in all sectors, which establishes years of experience in project management, business and sector-related understanding and a professional understanding of the IT field.

Knowledge sharing

Matrix has a goal of bringing value, innovation and professionalism to its clients and to the whole community and to incorporate it into each and every action. Matrix had initiated of its experts’ vast knowledge through writing professional dictionaries in new, "hot" areas that bridge between the professional terms, the needs and the business lingo. In addition, Matrix has initiated the WikIt – the first Israeli online dictionary that focuses on the terminology of IT. Matrix also conducts experts days for its clients, professional blogs, workshops to prepare for new technologies and trends, like cloud computing, etc.