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Call centers

Babcom Centers’ vision is to produce thousands of rewarding, high-quality jobs in northern Israel, the Galilee and particularly in the Arabic community, and to allow companies and customers in Israel and the world to benefit from outstanding call centers

​Matrix, through the Babcom Centers subsidiary, provides customer service centers and sale centers within the outsourcing method for leading organizations in Israel and the world. Babcom Centers provides services for customers who demand meticulous standards regarding customer service quality.
The company, established by Imad Telhami and the Lautman family, works to advance employment in the Galilee and especially in the Arabic community and helps decreasing the gaps within the Israeli society.​​

Solutions that Customers Love

​Outsourcing services

The company specializes in providing dispatch services for sales, outsourcing by Help desk for large IT units and Back Office services for organizations. Babcom Centers has the ability to supply high-quality human resources that allow operational flexibility, quick response to the changing needs of the organization and fast professional recruitment.

Arabic language translation and localization

Thanks to the unique manpower, the company supplies offshore services within several content worlds, such as:

  • Translation and localization of software into the Arabic language
  • Arabic support centers
  • Translation and maintenance of website in Arabic