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Matrix Digital

In the dynamic reality of today directors and leaders of marketing, services and sales are looking for the compass that will lead and guide them into a correct use of their resources

How to stay in technological and business readiness for changes and for the next "hot" trend?

​Matrix Digital offers an inclusive answer of advanced digital solutions and their integration in the multi-channel solution formation of the organization: internet, mobile, social networks, kiosks and diversified distribution solutions in order to maximize the customer’s experience.

The biggest team of experts in the field is leading the stages of planning, characterizing and building of the applicative strategy and user experience, develops and implements technological tools and solutions and assimilates methodology and measuring and control tools for an optimal return of investment. Matrix Digital has proven experience and skills in performing complex projects while implementing a unique methodology in the different sectors, including: financial, public, communication, education, health, hi-tech, tourism, industry and retail, military and defense.

Solutions that Customers like

Multi channels Digital solution

A full solution that implements the multi-channel perception and allows the organization to maintain a consistent relationship with its customers, which will enable them to choose the desired channel and flood the desired functionality in the right context.
The solution includes a set of infrastructures and components, including the Matrix Touch points Server developing environment for mobile and leading market platforms, which are enriched with a collection of unique components. The solutions meet the highest standards of regulation and data security and allow a strong combination of social media.

Multi-channel financial solution

A solution meant for banks and financial organizations, which includes a combination of marketing sites and operational sites according to the “wall breaking” perception, which enables the organization to leverage their customer relationships and motivate action in a way that directly affects the revenue.
The solution enables account management for the bank customers from anywhere, anytime and through any channel, provides accessibility to data and activities in the organization’s systems and combines rich content, blogs and social media.
The solutions meet the highest standards of regulation and data security, as required, and are based on designated tools like Matrix MCx infrastructure or Fiserv Online Banking (Corillian) with other solutions for digital channels.

Augmented reality application

An advanced mobile application that uses the device hardware: camera, GPS and motion detector, in order to present a virtual data layer above the physical layer. The data presented in the application are received in a secure manner from the organization’s systems. The augmented reality application completes the multi-channel experience and connects the digital channels to the physical environment​

An Israeli product in DOCCM (Document Output for Customer Communication)

Allows production and management of intelligent and personal output in a wide variety of channels and formats, with an easy and intuitive activation.
The product enables organizations to expand, enhance and strengthen the relationship with their customers while reducing costs and increasing revenues.

Content Sites (information sites and marketing sites)

Strategic consulting services, including: specification and design, user interface design and customer experience planning, implementation, development and hosting of content sites and public image sites through all the verticals. Using a variety of platforms and content management platforms (WCM): starting with a platform developed by Matrix, going through platforms Matrix represents in Israel, open source platforms and using a variety of development languages. We also specialized  in platforms created by leading international vendors, such as Microsoft with an emphasis on SharePoint.

Operations' sites (Self-service and personal information sites)

Matrix’s solution suite for operational sites includes: self-service sites including banking sites and mobile enabled sites; Suppliers sites allowing suppliers to view existing orders, invoices and payment requests; Customers and suppliers contact management solutions; Business workflows processes, management and more. Matrix provides an end to end solution starting from identifying required interfaces to legacy systems, going through characterization and development of such interfaces, and up to a complete user interface for the required application.

Web Hosting

Matrix offers web hosting services, on our own hosting farm, allowing any site to be hosted. Our hosting services allows gradual growth, matching the services provided to the usage requirements. Our services includes any additional (or special) requirements by the hosted application.
We also offer additional services, like load balancing, information security solutions (physical or applicative firewall), backup service, monitoring and maintenance services.


Strategic consultation

Consultation services for planning the organization’s multi-channel strategy. Strategic planning workshops that implement a proven methodology and enable an organizational brainstorming that relates to business goals and performing sanity tests for these goals through aspects of applicability and value for the organization.

Solutions development and implementation

Matrix Digital provides proven and stable technological solutions that provide an answer to its customers according to the needs of the project, while meeting the highest standards of quality assurance, project management and control and with full transparency for the customer. Matrix Digital has unique software solutions that include Agile commerce infrastructure, MCx infrastructure for multi-channel integration, MJS infrastructure for converting content sites, etc.

And also designated specialty in the field:

  • Planning and implementing advanced mobile systems for field workers and marketing purposes.
  • Planning and creating advanced websites, operational and marketing.
  • Advanced solutions in social media and leveraging it for the organization’s needs.
  • Distribution solutions.

UX and user experience

An expansive user experience is assembled by the experiences from each separate channel, as well as cross-channel experiences. Matrix Digital specializes in providing solutions for characterizing and designing the user interface in all leading environments with a cross-channel approach.


Matrix Digital and the Tangish company (technological accessibility) have joined together in a unique partnership for making information accessible for people with disabilities in order to promote the technological accessibility of all technological channels according to the law. The service includes a final stamp of approval for sites that meet all accessibility demands.

Analysis and measurement

Matrix Digital offers a unique service called Ruleri, which maximizes the activity through the website. The service enables the assimilation of measurement tools, the phrasing of a work plan based on the received data and leading the execution of the work plan and its measuring, all in order to improve the organization’s goals.



A channel that is defined as the meeting place between supplier and customer. Multi-channels is a perception that allows the customer to experience a high-quality service experience without any conflicts or rough edges. The multi-channel user experience is the experience that is accumulated in every channel separately and it’s also the experience that expresses the three Cs (choice, consistency and continuity). Multi-channels require breaking the boundaries between activity areas. Matrix Digital handles this perception in all non-representative channels.

Wall breaking

An advanced perception that describes one customer portal that provides one entry point per customer and presents them with the different site components (marketing, service, transactions, social applications), in a seamless way that is customized to the customer type. The result is a shared navigational formation for all the components, a personalization of the marketing site for active customers, an exposure of marketing contents in the service website – just in time, just in place without separation between the different sites or components over their realization method.

A designed user experience by the UCD (user centered design) methodology

Constructed by the customer’s needs, goals and purposes, in order to allow them with effective work, high benefits and a sense of satisfaction from using the system. This methodology is based on a persona-aimed characterization – identifying essential customer types, which improves the discussion of user needs and forms of communication.

Points of interest

  • Matrix Digital promotes the multi-channel perception and offers extensive solutions that include E-Business, Mobile, linking and connecting to the organization’s CRM systems through the Matrix CRM center of excellence, web portals and social network applications. The link to the organization’s core systems is based on the abilities of Matrix in the world of SOA and integration and the required link to other organizations is based on the company’s B2B abilities.
  • Matrix Digital solutions use the cloud computing technological and business opportunities.
  • The mobile testing lab within Matrix's Testing and Quality Assurance service deals with the unique challenges of mobile testing.
  • The User eXperience center of excellence has unique experience with designing user interfaces on mobile and digital channels, while facing the special challenges of each channel and maintaining the user experience and required functionality of the establishment of organization-to-customer relationship.
  • Mandalo – a multi-channel distribution system under the E-Business center of excellence solutions.
  • Matrix BI - a Matrix company that specializes in providing advanced solutions in data analysis and understanding and turning it into effective business knowledge for the organization.