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Matrix Centers of Excellence

​The most valuable asset in the field of information and technology services is the human capital, its professionalism, its skills and experience.

In order to preserve the experts, and the accumulating experience and the knowledge in Matrix in the essential IT fields and in order to leverage them and turn them into practical tools for our customers, we’ve created the centers of excellence.

We’ve created dozens of center of excellence, which are lead by the Matrix experts of the technological and applicative worlds. The centers of excellence turn the “accumulating intelligence” of the field into methodologies and best practices, tools and infrastructures and to solutions for our customers, while reducing risks, making processes more efficient and increasing the chances for success.

In addition, we’ve build theme centers, which are meant for the issues that are  relevant for several centers of excellence and/or are new issues in the IT world, a knowledge that matrix bring from its international vendors, alliances and analysts relationships to create the local expertise. This way, no matter which solution they choose - the customers of Matrix benefit from an added value of extensive and comprehensive technological vision and understanding in the field, from enrichment and completion due to the partnerships and information exchange between the centers of excellence and the theme centers.

Matrix Themes

Matrix Center Excellence