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Matrix Experience

Matrix Experience

Managing the digital assets to strengthened the brand added values, creating one effective strategy
We specialize in planning, characterizing and managing digital assets within one strategic framework.
The digital strategy includes the organization’s digital assets, such as: the website, internal portal, cellular app and activities within social networks.

The holy trinity: user interface, content and design
Our work process focuses on the user experience with specialists in the fields of UI, content and graphic design. The combination of the three, skills, knowhoa and methodologies, allows us to identify opportunities and develop and creative concept, that gives a competitive advantage for the customers.

From strategy to digital - effective strategy
Our specialty is to translate the existing marketing strategy into one that is effectivein the digital world. The extensive technological knowledge allows us to turn every good idea into a modern digital solution that will relate to the rest of the organization’s systems, will be ready for frequent technological changes without neglecting? and will be completely compatible with the brand values and organization policy.

Solutions that Customers like

Strategic consultation and concept construction

An expansive yet brief process, which examines the business objectives and the target audience and finally defines a work plan to create the proper digital strategy with a clear definition of measures for success.

Presence in social networks

Constructing a strategy and managing the brand presence within social networks, forums and blogs with expertise in crisis management and creating a positive brand image.

Planning user interface (UI)

Planning a creative and smart user interface that maps the business objectives, understands the needs of the users and drives the target audience with full compatibility to the brand values.

An extensive digital user experience

Digital creative over the principles of the user interface while maintaining a connection to the brand and keeping a unified design mode between the brand activities in the virtual and real worlds.


Clear and usable writing that drives into action, which is also compatible with the way users read online and helps promote the website within the search engines.

Usability testing

A designated lab and methodology for testing websites, business systems and cellular apps for potential users and performing the required changes before product release.


  • Leading a concept workshop with the customer
  • Creating a consistent digital strategy over all the channels for all the brand assets
  • Characterizing the user interface concept and website architecture
  • Constructing a unique user experience for the brand
  • Constructing a graphic and design concept
  • Writing and copyediting that suit the brand values
  • Characterizing the brand needs for social networks and creating, promoting and maintaining social media accounts