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Search Center of Excellence

The Search center of excellence brings together all the knowledge of Matrix in regards to correct and optimal use of online searching, both for data presentation and for data mining

​The center specializes in planning the architecture for combining search systems and assisting the assimilation of the different available search tools and integrating them into systems, such as websites and portals. The goal is to present the end-customer with search results, to improve focus processes and to perform content analytics for multiple data.

The center’s expertise is the leading search and restoration tools integrated with different tools, such as morphology tools and with a connection to different systems, such as CRM, Web, etc.

The center of excellence is a place for development, implementation and assimilation for the world of searching.

Solutions that Customers like

​Data unifying, improving and analyzing

A solution that includes a federative search and a presentation of unified search results from different information systems, linking between texts and identities (people, places, product models, etc.), producing conclusions, finding faults and mismatches, locating risks and monitoring classified information.

Improving and empowering websites and online activity

A solution that includes data restoration for the manufacturing of automatic data catalogues on websites, search-based monitoring processes, data search on different websites and web tapping, natural language search and adjusting the search and search results to mobile devices (phones and tablets).

Improving existing systems

A solution that includes designated aggregative data patterns for organizational systems like CRM by extracting entities and improving the work processes on organizational systems through a quick data restoration in customer service, automatic tagging and automatic replies to queries.


Searchlite - an engine for indexing and unifying textual and binary data from different sources. The engine allows accessibility for data restoration from a variety of tools.

Melingo - Melingo has unique technology that entails a morphological analysis for natural language search and a mechanism for understanding and analyzing a text that extracts key entities.

Search engines - expertise in leading search tools that index  a wide variety of information sources, starting with the file system, through content servers and websites to databases and binary files. The search engine has dozens of adapters for indexing from different content sources.


​High level consultation in selecting search solutions and content analysis

Selecting a suitable solution for the organization, considering the types of data for indexing, the level of analysis for the indexed content, price ranges, volume of indexed content, manner of retrieving and presenting data from the index.

Creating search-based applications

Creating applications based on search engines, like dynamic catalogues, data unifying mechanisms, search engines that are built according to the cross-cut within use, etc.

Planning and implementing database offloading

Planning the use of the indexing engine and the algorithms in order to improve data retrieval while lowering the database load. At the same time there are added built-in abilities in the different tools, which cannot be directly realized over the database or are too heavy on the resources (e.g. the use of fuzziness).

Adjusting to the Israeli market and the Hebrew language

Developing services based on phonetics, linguistics, etc. Through the Hebrew tools and language analysis the center offers tools like “Did you mean?” and Hebrew text analysis.

Shelf products expansions

Adding abilities to shelf products while using indexing and search algorithms. These expansions allow, through phonetics and linguistics tools, to locate duplicates, create pages based on data aggregation (like central pages in the CRM systems) and a fast locating of information in products with insufficient search.

Extracting information from complex databases

Searching in different types of files to locate information that is “hiding” within the file, like search in binary files and DLL files – all with the use of advanced analysis techniques and designated additions for the different types of data.


​The search application methodology is based on three main stages with a combination of experience, services and products.

Data receiving stage

Analysis of data sources (entity structure, file types, types of databases, etc) characterizing the data interface, characterizing the data receiving timing (constant / set times) and the amount of data for indexing (full / deltas).

Creating index and topology

Defining the optimal index structure for data restoration. Unifying the information within an index that combines data from different sources. A topological structure of positioning the search and data server facing the interfacing systems in order to receive the search services.

Types of search and data presentation

An answer to the existing search demands and to questions on how to improve the processes by indexing, what results to present and how and what tools are available for the user?

Points of interest

  • The Dynamic BI center of excellence has solutions for online reports on the organizational data by using different tools, including analysis and data restoration.
  • A completing field for some of the solutions offered by the search is an in-depth treatment for complex databases. The DBA center of excellence unites the collection of tools and services for the database treatment and is a part of assimilating complex searches.
  • Complex searching or the use of navigational searching abilities is a part of the solutions offered by the Content, Knowledge & Portals center of excellence. This center includes all the services and solutions related to portals.
  • For massive content websites, Matrix Digital combines search solutions in order to enrich the navigational paths and exposing the information to the customer.
  • The ERP field is a leading area in Matrix solutions and it provides different solutions where the different search engines are implemented.
  • One of the most powerful and efficient search applications is enriching the CRM systems by creating a bigger picture around the search words and connecting different entities from the system. The CRM center of excellence is a leader in this field.