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SOA & Integration Middleware Center of Excellence

The SOA perception provides an integrative conceptual solution for the organization, beginning with the business model, through the IT strategy, to the applicative architecture and the implementation method that uses tools, technologies and standards

​The SOA & EI center of excellence works in the field of SOA solutions and integration with the leading technologies in the market for all sectors.

The center is working with all the leading vendors and adjusting the best technology for each customer.

Solutions that Customers like

​SOA businss analysis and characterization

Business analysis and characterization of the organization’s processes, services and integration patterns.

Integration solutions based on dedicated  tools and infrastructure

Matrix has a vast experience in implementing integration solutions based on the leading SOA tools

Solutions for managing business processes (BPM)

Matrix has experience and expertise in process management projects. Matrix creates full BPM projects and integrates BPM with different projects.

Real-time SOA solutions and tactical connectivity

Matrix developed unique knowledge in bringing the gospel of SOA to the world of real-time and tactical connectivity.

SOA information security solutions

Matrix had accumulated extensive experience in planning and implementing information security solutions for an organization that transfers to SOA, a process where new challenges stem from the architectural openness and flexibility.

SOA and EI solutions lab

A Matrix solution center lab provides experimenting with SOA and EI technologies. The lab enables processes of POC (proof of concept) or POT (proof of technology), to check tasks, and limit the risks of the first subjects related to SOA and EI.



In choosing SOA products for the organization and planning the proper architecture, building practical ROI strategy to bring in SOA to the organization.


Building infrastructures around the leading products in the market, reducing risks and allowing a faster time to market.


Matrix combines the market’s best practices with the lessons from failed SOA projects and issues that are unique to each organization. The Matrix approach to methodology is pragmatic and it operates under the" just in time" technology and" just enough" technology mantra.

Establishing solutions in addition to aforementioned

  • Planning a service lifecycle Analysis and realization of CEP technologies for business and technological needs.
  • Revealing the functionality and information of the organizational legacy systems for use by the whole organization and as a basis for multi-channels.
  • Tools and techniques for SOA testing, including creating a testing cloud for saving and time reduction.

Selected tools and infrastructures


An inclusive solution for exposing the mainframe as WMB-based SOA services.

Process creation wizard

Matrix had built an infrastructure based on integration patterns (EIP) that allows the organization to define new interfaces/processes according to common prepared integration patterns.


For exposing the multi-channels of the core systems services as web services, according to the SOA perception.

Points of interest

  • The EIM center of excellence deals with overlapping abilities of integration on information level.
  • The B2B center of excellence deals with the integration of organizations and therefore is also a complimentary field.
  • The SOA and EI center of excellence provides base infrastructure for realizing multi-channel solutions, including CRM, E-Business and mobile solutions.
  • The issue of integration between the organization and the cloud and different cloud solutions are a significant issue in cloud computing.