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Open Source Center of Excellence

Matrix, as the Israeli representative of the leader in the open source world, the Red Hat Company, is the pioneer in Israel, which strategically entered into the open source field

​The Open Source center of excellence specializes in customizing a variety of advanced solutions that are at the edge of technology, when most of the code writing is performed by a very large community of worldwide developers. The result is an open system that works in an heterogenic environment that prevents vendor lock in by the software providers.

Since today the open source solutions are used in most enterprising organizations around the world, the Matrix open source center of excellence concentrates the knowledge and support of hundreds of customers. The center includes licensed Linux engineers (RHCE), open source-based virtualization engineers (KVM) and JBoss Middleware experts and it has been operating 24/7 since 2004.

Solutions that Customers like

​Open source solutions that are backed up with a business model, professional support and the backing of a leading company like Red Hat and Matrix in Israel, allow an integral and educated combination of the abilities and benefits of the open source world in the various enterprising organizations and core systems.

The open source solutions from Red Hat include the following fields:

  • Linux operating system and management and control tools.
  • Solutions for virtualization and clouds enviorenments.
  • Extensive Middleware solutions.

JBoss Enterprise BRMS

JBoss Enterprise BRMS is a strong rules management platform by Red Hat. The solution includes a rules engine, a BPM process engine and a CEP engine.
JBoss Enterprise BRMS is ranked among the leading solutions by Forrester and Gartner and is an excellent alternative in both quality and budget to the competing solutions.
Financial, telecom, government and industrial organizations from all over the world have already began using the solution, including FedEx, Mazda, French Ministry of Education, USA Social Security and more.
There is also an impressive foothold of the solution in the Israeli market, for Zim shipping, Leumi Bank, Teoco, etc.

An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system

The system supports appointment and visit management, demographic patient information documentation, health related data gathering (diagnosis, allergies, medications etc.), forms for tracking patient visits, prescription generation and registration, internal and external referrals, vaccinations and more.
The system is based on an existing open source solution called OpenEMR , which is in use for more than 15 years in clinics around the world, including large scale organizations such as the Peace Corps.


  • Support, assistance and implementation in organizations, from the first entry stages into the world of open source to a full integration of open source solutions in the organization’s core systems.
  • Professional consultation and training within the Red Hat training center in Israel under John Bryce, the Matrix training division.
  • Marketing Red Hat solutions for customers in the different sectors while performing demonstrations and POC.
  • Consultation for planning and executing migration processes for Red Hat Linux from UNIX systems.
  • Consultation for planning and executing migration processes for JBoss Middleware solutions and SOA.

Selected tools and infrastructures

Linux operating system and management and control tools

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a highly-functional operating system manufactured for customers. Leading the way in regards to technology and cost-efficiency considerations.

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux solutions provide:

  • High performance and data security of the highest quality and credibility.
  • Officially supported by the world’s leading hardware and software manufacturers.
  • Provide support to all the organization’s needs from the work stations, through the X86 servers to the Linux solutions over the mainframe systems.
  • Provide support for work at the physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Red Hat provides its customers with a wide variety of completing solutions (add-ons), among them are high availability, load balancer, scalable file system, resilient storage and red hat satellite solutions for managing, monitoring and control over the organization’s servers, etc.

Solutions for virtualization and cloud

Red Hat Enterprise virtualization is a full virtualization solution for servers and work stations (VDI), which now provides the virtualization world’s leading performance and security level.

The solution is based on KVM (kernel-based virtual machine) technology, which was developed in Israel. Red Hat Enterprise virtualization includes a graphic management system based on web and thin hypervisor that enables maximum use of the hardware.

Red Hat Enterprise virtualization is a virtualization solution that includes many advanced abilities, like live migration, which enables moving virtual machines between physical server during operation, KSM that allocates twice as much physical memory, template disks and thin provisioning that encourage saving and make the work with disks and backup components more efficient.

Extensive Middleware solutions

JBoss Enterprise is a middleware solutions suit by Red Hat, which includes Java application server, JBoss enterprise application platform, JBoss enterprise BRMS, the Red Hat rules engine, which includes CEP (complex event patterning), JBoss SOA platform made from BPM, ESB and rules and also the JBoss ON management and monitoring console.

JBoss enterprise is highly rated in the market by Gartner and is a leader in satisfaction surveys.


An open source product in wide spread use all over the world backed by an international group of developers and doctors. This product comes with a vast amount of built-in functionality and allows a high degree of customization and extensibility without the need for coding, including lists and forms, alerts and messages, clinical decision rules, configurable parameters and reports.
Adding functionality through coding is easy since the project is developed using standard and well known frameworks and infrastructure components – Linux, Apache, MySQL/MariaDB and PHP (LAMP).
Matrix implements and develops customized solutions based on this project, including localization, all done with tight integration and cooperation with the open source community.

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