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Mobile Center of Excellence

The Mobile center of excellence specializes in characterization, development and assimilation of mobile systems for organizations in all sectors

​Matrix mobile activity has been around since the first days of data communication over the cellular infrastructure in early 2001 and has continued to lead, grow and evolve ever since.

The center of excellence works within many technological platforms and also developed unique tools and infrastructures in the field. The center has methodologies that allow turning the mobile into an effective business mechanism of the organization.

The center operates the biggest, most advanced and leading development lab in the field for iPhone, iPad, android and blackberry environments, among others.

The center implements the most advanced projects in Israel for banks, insurance companies, telecom companies, government and defense organizations, health organizations, etc.​​

Solutions that Customers like

  • Exposing a banking operations website
  • Solution for field workers
  • Self-service for customers
  • Mobile marketing solutions


An advanced full native platform for development, management and maintenance of multi- channel applications in all touchPoints (Smart devices: Mobile, Tablet, Kiosks, web-TV) for both field agents and customer facing.
Standards based solution allows maximum user experience, at all channels, with minimal development


Managing business or private accounts for bank customers anywhere and anytime. Information and transactions in checking accounts, managing securities, instant loands and many more types of information and actions.​


An advanced tablet-based (Android iOS) tool, which allows agents to work with their customers in real time from anywhere. Insurance agents, sales agents, travel agents, etc. can all be mobile throughout the day and still manage customer cases and communicate with them with efficiency.

The consistent communication with the customer is of great importance to the various agents and providing an immediate reply allows them to close more deals, to expand existing deals and to improve customer serive. ​



An innovative addition to the MMIS studio environment, which allows the development of mobile apps for modern tablet environments like Tab, iPad and Android. The add-on enables efficient recycling of the commands developed for smartphones and with them the editing of the tablet screens.

The customer can establish a screens tree, including a variety of central processes, themes development and embedding commands in the app and connecting each command to secondary processes or a theme to interfaces and spreadsheets in the organization’s core systems in order to achieve consistent remote work.
The use of the add-on is parallel to the rest of the MMIS capabilities (form and appliances, logs and integration, user management).



Dynamics TouchPoints

A solution that allows mobile users to integrate with the CRM processes, from any place, at any time and within any context, whether they work for the organization (technicians, service providers, professional teams, etc.) or work externally (suppliers, agents, dealers, distributers, etc.)
Sample applications: mobile CRM solution for management and operation of field sales people, technicians and agents of marketing, infrastructure, management and organizational journals synchronizing, employees timing, shifts management, external or internal portals and operational mobile CRM applications / external mobile customer and service portal / business partners and agents portal.
The solution is based on a business and technological platform, which was developed by Matrix (TouchPoints) that includes advanced, built-in connectivity to a variety of platforms and operational systems and in a Dynamics Touch Points version of Dynamics CRM platform.
The solution is adapted to the existing smart tablets and phone devices, the different Native and Hybrid operation systems and allows full usage of the device capabilities (camera, GPS, etc.)
The solution works with a full multi-channel and online approach, that’s directed towards a business solution through an advanced, secure, monitored, accessible mobile distribution that supplies a rich and progressive user experience.
The solution includes support for full cloud formation application / on-premise hybrid.​



  • Exposing core systems to cellular phones
  • Developing designated applications – windows, J2Me, Brew,Symbian, iPhone, Blackberry, Mobile
  • Developing WAP websites adapted to over 300 cellular devices
  • Developing systems for field representatives with connections to ERP and CRM systems
  • iPad applications
  • Business and technological research and consultation for the mobile environment
  • Assistance with creating the organization’s mobile strategy
  • Mobile solutions with a unique level of security
  • Simulations, POC (proof of concept) or POT (proof of technology) at the Matrix mobile lab, where over 300 types of devices can be tested
  • Apple Authorized System Integrator
    Matrix was authorized as ASSI (Apple Authorized System Integrator) in Israel. This allows Matrix to provide an array of solutions and services that are customized to the needs of the organization and complimentary products, all based on Apple’s knowledge and experience and its backing.
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HTML 5.0, Application or hybrid?

The Matrix methodology will assist in choosing the right technology for a variety of devices, while dealing with issues of multiple devices, best user experience on the device, application performance and sensitivity for communication breaks.

How to turn your customer mobile solution into a business catalyst?

The Matrix methodology helps characterize and define the right applications in the right amount for the mobile, for the way the mobile application creates action and an opportunity to make just in context connection with the customer.

How to connect a field worker with the business goals?

Matrix helps with defining processes and tools for different field workers, which allow them to connect with business goals and perform, in addition to their jobs, data improvement, sales, customer service, information loading or any other task that improves the organization’s performance.

What function does the mobile channel have over the multi-channel perception of the organization?

How can its business contribution be maximized while maintaining the three C principles: Choice, Consistency and Continuity?

Points of interest

  • The mobile testing lab within Matrix's Testing and Quality Assurance service deals with the unique challenges of mobile testing.
  • The User eXperience center of excellence has unique experience for designing mobile user interfaces and in dealing with the unique challenges of screen sizes and the differences between end users.
  • The Mobile center of excellence is a central part of the multi-channel perception, mobile solutions for field workers who are integrated with the Matrix CRM systems and mobile customer solutions drive into action in all other channels – on the internet, at the branch or at the call center.