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Learning Technologies Center Of Excellence

Specialty in creative solutions for frontal learning and e-learning, technical writing and training

​The center of excellence provides solutions that make the training, technical writing and message receiving more efficient within the organization. The holistic view that Matrix offers gives a wide range of training tools and solutions that serve business, marketing and organizational purposes.​​

Solutions that Customers like

​The Matrix solutions include use of data management systems, creating a training infrastructure and writing frontal and e-learning courses. The solutions match an existing training formation or as a training development unit of the organization in an outsourcing method.

Technical writing

Rational technical writing customized according to the demands of the contents and regulations, while using friendly explanations and alternative approaches in order to focus the solution on the needs of the organization and the relevant position-holders.

Courseware and e-learning

Developing unique courseware for the organization, with specific reference to the demands of the organization and the purposes of learning, based on a deep familiarity with the most updated technologies.

Developing traditional training

Building learning and training infrastructures according to the organization’s purposes. All the materials are developed with the leading training models in the world (ADDI, Telem and Alpha).


A new and interactive web tool that provides guidance for customers on different actions and processes during surfing. The tool appears as an integral part of the website, leads the user by the hand and helps him with any specific task, including filling out forms and online payments.
The tool has a unique algorithm that identifies the various objects in the website (like fields, texts and links) and does not require any installation. The tool is proven to reduce the calls to the help desk and increasing surfing and using self service websites.


  • Consultation, characterization, development and implementation of an organizational training infrastructure customized to the needs of the organization and its business environment
  • Implementation and assimilation of leading training and learning systems like UPK, Bareket, etc.
  • Quality technical writing for companies
  • Writing frontal and e-learning courses

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