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ERP & Logistics Management Center of Excellence

The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) & Logistics Center of Excellence is a unique center with extensive experience and knowledge that deals with the development of ERP and logistic and warehouse (WMS) systems for organizations

​The center combines four central elements:

A deep understanding of processes

In the world of process management and logistics

Specialty in verticals and business worlds

The center of excellence provides solutions and services that are customized for each unique sector and type of business. The offered solutions and services integrate “organizational wisdom” from the experience in many organizations. Among the verticals in which the center is active: hospitals and medical institutions, leasing and finance companies, real-estate and property management companies, car importers, consumer products and electronics, importing and retail, academics, big financial establishments, industry – manufacturing and logistics centers

Technological innovation

Innovative technologies to complete the ERP solutions, including mobile, SOA, RFID, GIS, cloud computing, etc.

Implementation over a wide and smart infrastructural solution

Combining generic abilities with vertical, designated abilities.

Solutions that Customers like


An Israeli ERP system customized to the needs and requirements of Israeli organizations and designated vertical needs. The system is assimilated in over 300 organizations in Israel.

Tafnit deals with the entirety of organizational, financial and managerial activities and enables an integration of all the data and business processes of the organization into one unified system.

Tafnit works in web environment, designated for performing critical tasks that demand continuous real-time work. Tafnit provides different levels of security and safety measures and has a simple and easy user interface.

Tafnit Modules

  • Financial and Logistics Management
  • Inventory and Acquisition Management
  • Importing, Marketing and Distribution Management
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Pricing
  • Budget
  • Mobilized Service and Maintenance Systems
  • Car Fleet Management
  • Leasing and Renting System
  • Retail Systems
  • Management of Funding and Loans Systems
  • Factoring Management
  • Warehouses and Logistics Centers Management
  • Service and CRM Systems
  • Solutions for Field Workers
  • Medical Cabinets
  • Bidding Management
  • Digital Signatures


An advanced system for warehouse management, running logistics and distribution centers, installed at the biggest logistics centers and warehouses in Israel.

The WMS system automatically runs all the operational work processes, including reception, storage, product gathering and distribution, with suitability to the unique character of every distribution center.

The system performs tasks management in real-time and maximum optimization on resource mobility through RF/Voice mobile terminals without any paperwork.

The system enables full integration with ERP systems, RS/AS systems (automatic warehouses, carousels, sorters, etc.), RFID system and additional information systems in the organization.

Infor LN (also known as BAAN)

In order to achieve business and IT alignment and deliver innovation quickly, companies need to consolidate and simplify systems across their global operations with standard, packaged software.
Infor™ LN addresses these challenges with a best-in-class, operational enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that is specialized by industry and optimized for complex, global operations. 
More than 5,000 organizations—from mid-sized companies to Fortune 500 businesses—rely on Infor LN as a global platform for growth and innovation.
Matrix has implemented infor LN on all versions since 1994.
Infor LN translated to Hebrew and had adopted all the Israeli IRS regulations.


A logistics management system in industrial organizations, represented in Israel by Matrix.


An international financial system, represented in Israel by Matrix.



Planning the proper architecture, building practical ROI strategy


Building infrastructures, reducing risks and allowing a faster time to market.


Matrix combines the market’s best practices with the lessons from failed ERP projects and issues that are unique to each organization. The Matrix approach to methodology is pragmatic and it operates under the" just in time" technology and" just enough" technology mantra.

Development and implementation of solutions

Points of interest