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Enterprise Information Management Center of excellence

The credibility, wholeness and consistency of the information throughout the business processes of the organization are critical for the functioning and business growth of the organization

The Enterprise Information Management (EIM) center of excellence is a leader in the field of data integration solutions and it provides advanced services for dozens of customers from a variety of sectors.

​The center of excellence has dozens of professionals who provide an implementation backing for projects, methodologies and best practices, knowledge and usage of the leading solutions and technologies in order to supply solutions that correspond to the business goals of the organization with emphasis on access to information and data quality.​​​​​​​

Solutions that customers like

Company data conversions and mergers

Within the assimilation of the ERP, billing and other systems, the merger of companies and the consolidation of decentralized companies’ data.

Implementation of solutions for integrating organizational interfaces

Interfaces projects with the combination of organizational command and control systems and implementation of data wholeness and data

Establishing databases

For regulation (e.g. Basel II), unifying core data of decentralized companies, establishing ODS (operational data store).

Unifying and improvement of data

A solution that enables a single view for every business persona by collection material from the different systems of the decentralized organizations, unifying it while identifying and eliminating duplicates, bringing it to the organizational norm and improving it while enriching the existing data from external sources.

EII solutions – unified data image in real-time

Unifying data and data characteristics from a variety of decentralized sources in real-time, while presenting them as one virtual database, helps create a single view over all the data of the product, customer, supplier, distributer or worker from all the organizational systems in real-time.

Meta data management solution

A solution that enables management of “data about data,” including a business, technical and operational description of the information entities in the organization. The solution includes a user interface that allows detailed viewing and searching, tools for frequent updating of information, synchronization and harmonization between the different levels of documentation, etc.

Solutions for central management of MDM core data

Application of solutions for management of core organizational data: CDI customers, PIM products.

Application of BI/DWH solutions

Planning and implementation data warehouse and BI projects, while maintaining high quality and availability of the data

Data quality and improvement solutions

Planning and realizing data quality and improvement projects, while using proven methodologies and advanced software tools.

MQS (Matrix Quality Solution)

An extensive solution that provides the organization with everything it requires when facing the challenges of data improvement. The solution combines proven methodology with winning technology and an improvement operation as needed.
The solution is implemented by improvement experts with vast experience in a variety of projects and content worlds.
It is based on the Microsoft DQS (Data Quality Services) technology, which is an inseparable part of the SqlServer 2012. DQS is an advanced data improvement technology, which studies the organization over time. Improvement decisions that are made within the process are saved, studied and integrated in the improvement regulations.
The solution provides full assistance throughout the process of improvement and enrichment, which includes detection of low-quality centers, prioritizing points of dysfunctions, repair decisions, constructing an applicable work plan, defining measurable quality goals and finally implementing the program.



Consulting services during EIM products selection (ETL, improving, Meta data, MDM, CDC, etc.) for the organization, planning the proper architecture and building the information roadmap.


Building infrastructure around the leading products and providing tools and methods to reduce risks and to allow a faster time to market.


Matrix sees the methodical issue of vital importance for the success of the EIM projects. Matrix combines the market’s best practices with lessons from failing points in the EIM projects and issues that are unique to each organization.

The Matrix approach to methodology is pragmatic and works under the just in time technology and just enough technology concepts.


  • Methodology for data conversion within data system migration
  • Methodology for improvement in four stations
  • Methodology for supervision of data conversion
  • From the Tower of Babylon to a mutual business language – methodology for running organization Meta data
  • The whole truth and nothing but the truth about MDM and one source for organizational truth – methodology for proper organizational usage of MDM

Points of interest

  • SOA & EI center of excellence – deals with interfacing abilities of integration within application and process levels.
  • B2B center of excellence – deals with the integration between organizations.
  • Dynamic BI center of excellence – deals with the analytical view of the world of data and information and using information within managerial processes.
  • Information integration between the organization, the cloud and various cloud solutions – this is an important subject in the field of cloud computing.