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Testing & Automation Center of Excellence

Today’s world of development is becoming more lean and agile. In this reality the dynamic changes require dynamic testing that rely on a deep technological understanding, new technologies and testing tools

The Agile Testing center of excellence is a unique center with extensive knowledge and experience that deal with the consultation, assimilation, development and usage of tools for testing, while providing an answer to advanced and changing technologies and the progressive development methods. The center of excellence emphasizes the dynamic nature of four areas:

Tool-based testing

for testing, testing automation and traffic testing.

A casing of tests that responds to new and advanced technological environments

Channel testing (especially mobile), SOA testing, embedded testing, real-time testing, cloud testing, etc.

Suitable methodologies for the agile development methods

The ability to work within different and equipped testing sites and models

Offshore, nearshore communication model and crowd testing.​​​​​​​​​

According to STKI (market research and strategic analysis):
"Tact testing, software testing division of Matrix, is the largest company and the leader in testing in Israel,
 for the fourth year in arrow”

(March 2015) 

Solutions that Customers like

Establishing an automatic testing formation for the project

Selection and assimilation of automatic testing tools for every project. 

An administrative casing for the testing teams

Methodological consultation, management tools and ALM tools.

Testing within advanced technological environments

In cooperation with the Matrix centers of excellence, such as:

  • Internet testing
  • Mobile testing – methodology, devices, pre-defined process and products
  • SOA and interfaces testing – testing throughout the complex SOA and integration chain of supply
  • Cloud services testing - in cooperation with the Cloud Computing theme.


  • Consultation and accompaniment for automation and traffic testing projects
  • Assistance in assimilation of ALM tools for IT organizations
  • Assimilation and implementation of automation projects with the most innovative methodologies in the field
  • Assistance in selection of testing-supportive technologies and tools
  • ROI analysis for assimilation of automation in the organization
  • Adjusting the testing method to innovative technological environments
  • Testing services for agile projects


Points of interest