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Analytics & Big Data Center Of Excellence

Analytics & Big Data center of excellence is meant to assist organizations to perform their business performance by using the right tools, technologies and methodologies

​One of the main keys to the success of a large organization is the ability to efficiently manage the quantities of complex data from the different sources of information.

The center specializes in giving solutions and services customized to the unique demands of each customer, while maintaining low costs and high value. The solutions package includes combined solutions for information management, performance management, design, planning, implementation, integration, training and documentation.

The solutions focus on the end users, their needs and their usage of the systems, while emphasizing smart and friendly user interfaces.

The center of excellence helps organizations to adopt the Agile BI approach that strives for more BI, faster, more flexible and less expensive. Agile BI means a transition from the “no” or “not now” culture to the “yes” culture and it is based on three principles:

Self service

tools for self work for the users and assimilating them in the organization

Manufacturing line

for the queries that are not answered with self service, designating a nearshore-based team that provides an answer while maintaining SLA

BI infrastructures

infrastructures and tools that allow shorter work time on BI.

The center of excellence has a wide range of customers, including the leading companies in Israel and the world in various fields: hi-tech, retail, finance, insurance, communications, defense, health, etc.​​​​

Solutions That Customers like

Improving business performance, measuring and business applications in the following fields

Finance, customer services, marketing and sales


Analytical solutions for data analysis

  • In Memory-based solutions
  • Systems for collecting, restoring and predicting in real-time
  • Managerial and operational reports



Smart display solutions

  • BI portals
  • Guided boards to measure target-directed performance (KPI)
  • Organizational performance management (scorecard)
  • Mobile BI

Multi-channel analytical solutions

  • Separate analysis for each channel (Internet, mobile, CRM, social media, etc.)
  • Measuring the conversion and transition between channels
  • Cross-channel analysis of customer data

Analytical applications

  • Managing campaigns
  • Managing customer loyalty
  • Regulation and risk management

CMO’s Dashboard

 A designated solution for CMOs for marketing for planning, performing and measuring marketing campaigns opposite the different distribution channels, that allows accessibility of internal and external data and assists with decision making.
The solution is customized specifically for the needs of organizations and commercial companies that are characterized by working with business customers, wholesalers, retailers and different distribution channels.
The solution allows the business decision maker to receive a broad picture of the B2B campaigns management:
  • Managing campaigns by distribution channels
  • Analyzing campaigns effectiveness
  • Supervising and optimizing of campaigns by quantitative and qualitative performance measurements
  • Optimizing the marketing budget meant for marketing campaigns



​Consultation: architecture, road map, roi strategy , KPI building, methodology


Building BI solutions

Assistance in establishing the abilities and organizational teams (BICC – BI competence Center (with the co-sourcing approach).

Nearshore BI services

The service includes building a whole formation for all the improvement, analysis and unification of the organizational data, for receiving all the information without the “headache” of running the whole project. Companies that have experienced the nearshore services reported that they brought a 30% saving in daily operational costs or alternatively a 25% increase in production. 

BI testing


Balanced scorecard

Accompanying the organizations through the building of a balanced scorecard, through the Norton and Kaplan methodology, supporting the system’s organizational and technological lifecycle and implementing the scorecard systems in the different tools.

Jump start for building DWH

A quick data layer is an important key for successful BI applications. Our methodology, which is based on best practices, assists in building quick, easily maintained and highly credible data warehouses, while lowering the costs of building and maintenance.

Best practices for building BICC

Organizational recommendations on implementing BI in the organization, including guidelines for building BICC – Business Intelligence Competence Center for the organizations.

Agile BI

Managing and leading projects with the Agile BI methodology, which allows for meticulous control over the expenses and products, while providing quick solutions on intermediate stages for the users.

Best practices for visualization

Best practices that guide the analysis of the user needs and adapting the tools for the working method and the business and organizational thinking, while using experts on user interfaces and graphics.

Ruler for comparing tools

A template of criteria for comparing tools is the basis for comparing and selecting tools and products in order to assemble the right criteria for the organization and to recommend the proper tools, while considering functionality, budget and demands.

Reference architecture

Organizational best practices or validating the architecture, while using BI and building blue prints architecture.

Points of interest

  • Content, Knowledge & Portals center of excellence deals with building organizational portals that are platforms for assimilating BI products and presenting them just in time in the end user context.
  • The User eXperience center of excellence has an ability and experience in designing and characterizing in various environments and especially in BI portals and dashboards.
  • DBA center of excellence provides the specialty and support required in managing, optimizing and planning of resources, in everything to do with the BI formation data bases.
  • Mobile center of excellence provides the technological abilities required to develop mobile BI solutions.
  • Business analytics center of excellence provides multi-channel analytical solutions, as well as channel-level solutions, which are a central part of establishing CRM, E-Business and Mobile. Information on customer behavior in the different channels is analyzed in the BI worlds and becomes a part of the world-view of the organization regarding its customers.
  • EIM center of excellence – deals with the world of organizational data management.
  • Dynamic Testing center of excellence provides, among other things, a specialty in BI testing.
  • Matrix global enables building of BI center with the nearshore approach.