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DRP & Storage Center Of Excellence

The DRP & Storage center of excellence offers planning, assimilation and support services for all the storage infrastructures in the organization, while helping in building backup and DRP (Disaster Recovery Plans) solutions

​The center helps dealing with the challenges of the need for proper management, protection and saving the organizational information. Establishing storage and backup solutions, when those are done correctly, enable a visible ROI (return of investment).

The team of specialists of the center of excellence has close working relationships with the leading vendors in the field. The team combines knowledge, experience and leadership in the field of complex projects.

The issue of DRP is the basis for building a private cloud and an essential component in the perception of Cloud Ready Data Center as well as the Big Data trend, which influences all areas of IT.​​

Solutions that Customers like

Central storage solutions

Unifying the information – unifying the information, the data and the applicative applications for one central management while interfacing with organizational computing processes.

Storage solutions by the best suppliers in the market.

HPC storage (high performance computing) solutions that enable faster response times from the basic storage solutions.

Protecting the information - protecting the organizational data and a possibility for saving the static organizational information for the future.

Backup solutions

Traditional backup solutions – a combination of the backup of the local information on remote sites with the backup devices

Smart backup solutions – solutions to prevent data duplication and creating an environment that can maximize the usage of backup volumes while reducing the backup window.

DRP – business continuity

  • Solution for business continuity, both local and remote
  • Possibility for mobilizing the applications
  • Archive solutions for organizational information and email systems


HPC (high performance computing) storage – kaminario is an organizational high-performance storage solution.


Acronis deals with the development and implementation of solutions for saving, backing up and restoring organizational data and is a pioneer in image-based solutions and allows its customers to benefit from Any2Any back-up and restoration solutions in an easy and quick manner. Acronis solutions are not hardware dependent, so they allow any organization or enterprise to implement an all-inclusive, stable backup formation, while maintaining maximum flexibility and support for heterogenic and hybrid environments.
Among the Acronis leading solutions:

  • ABR (Acronis Backup & Restore) 11.5 – a leading product for backing up and restoring data for organizations.
  • VMProtect 8 – a unique product for backup and restoration in VMWare-based environments.
  • Snap Deploy 4 – a system deployment solution.
  • Mobile Eco – a secure window for sharing organization files from any mobile device.
  • Active Eco – a secure, organizational “drop box.”
  • Extreem Z-IP – a combination of MAC-OS systems for the organizational environment.


  • Consultation, analysis, characterization, planning, implementation and control of central storage solutions and smart backup solutions.
  • Performance analysis of data bases and I/O: a service that enables the identification of bottle necks in storage and the database, performs profiling and presents operative recommendations for solving performance problems.
  • POC (proof of concept) or POT (proof of technology) for storage solutions and business continuity of servers or end stations at a designated solution center.


​The methodology of the center of excellence relates to the full lifecycle of establishing backup and storage solutions.

Points of interest

  • Implementation of virtualization is the basis for building private clouds, according to the methodology and perception described in the Cloud Computing theme.
  • Virtualization that can be learned at the Consolidation & Virtualization center of excellence is a critical component in the business continuity solutions.
  • BSM solutions provide designated modules for managing the storage formation and DRP automation.
  • The Matrix solution center enables planning, testing and experimenting with storage and backup solutions.