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DATA Center of Excellence

The DATA center of excellence allows organizations to improve the availability, performance and security of the existing organizational data systems and helps design new systems and/or their interfaces

​All this by using customized tools, technologies and methodologies that are highly efficient, while referring to regulation, availability, survivability and security.

The center of excellence has a variety of customers, including the leading companies in Israel and the world in many fields: defense, government, banking, insurance, hi-tech, etc.​​

Solutions that Customers like

​Performance enhancement

80% of performance problems stem from a slow approach to the information stored in the organization’s archives.

The Kaminario K-2, which is represented and implemented by the center of excellence and is based on innovative architecture, solves this problem: cancels the waiting time and makes the critical services 25 times faster than the existing speed.

Protecting sensitive information

The Matrix data scrambling solution (Jumble DB) answers many challenges in the field of information security, such as dangers of exposure, information theft while locating sensitive information and context analysis.


Advance lab services at Matrix or on-site.


​Constant control

Keeping track of the database, on-site or by remote access, and committing to a preset response time for any emergency.

Consultation services and experts

Experienced specialists for all types of databases (like Microsoft SQL server, MySQL, Oracle, DB2, IBM) and all operating systems (IBM Mainframe, Unix, Linux and Windows).

Assistance and development

From planning and characterization to final release – support for assimilating new technologies and leading broad infrastructures upgrading projects.

Security and database assessment

Early detection of most common database problems. Service includes: testing for survivability, performance and data security, storage, extreme situations, application, data concealing and data scrambling. A recommendations report will be issued at the end.

CRM systems performance enhancement

Unique specialty for the leading systems: Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle PeopleSoft CRM.

Planning logical architecture of the database


​The services of the center of excellence are given by a built-in methodology, which includes:

  • Building an organizational DBA team
  • Database infrastructures, including reference to emergencies and recovery
  • Database security
  • Database performance enhancement

Points of interest

  • A complimentary field is management of information and organizational data, which  is dealt with by the EIM center of excellence
  • The Dynamic BI center of excellence has solutions that provide a real-time, online report on the organizational data
  • DBA related software products represented by Matrix
    • Vantage – applicative solution for controlling performances.
    • SAP Business Objects – a leading solution in business intelligence.
    • Embracadero – solutions for database management.
    • BMC – a wide array of solutions for systems management.
    • Brillix – data scrambling solution.