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The Security&Cyber center of excellence helps organizations to build and maintain their “immune system” against cyber threats and information security.

The center provides tools to dealing with threats and challenges in information and cyber security. The experts in the center have a unique specialty in the cyber field and are active in the leading organizations in the area.

Solutions that customers like

Mobile security

  •  Security assessment on the mobile infrastructures in the organization.
  •   Integration of the MDM solutions On-premises or cloud-based.

Endpoint security

Defending endpoints that are attached to the organizational network (DLP, device blocking, preventing unlicensed codes, etc.)

Application security

  •  Performing security and pen tests for Web, Smart Client and Mobile applications.
  •  Training and guidance for development groups within security development in PHP/NET/C++/C/JAVA.

Virtualization security

Establishing solutions for control and defense of virtual infrastructures, e.g. DPI (deep packet inspection) abilities of the communications traffic between virtual servers.

SOA security

Characterization and building of secure architecture for exposing services between organizational applications for business partners and customers.

Database security

Construction of a defense casing for the organization’s database, while realizing distribution mechanisms and data scrambling to maintain information.

Security intelligence (audit and monitoring)

Characterization and building of SIEM systems and SOC centers, in accordance with the organization’s security policy and regulatory demands.

Cloud security

  •   Performing security tests on cloud services for customers.
  •  Characterization of security solutions for organizations based on cloud services.

Data encryption

Construction of encryption casing of sensitive information according to its storage in the organization, such as encryption of hard disks, of detachable media, emails and information stored in Sharepoint.

Forensics/incident response

  •  Building organizational methodologies for response on information and cyber events, recovery from events and containment.
  •   Performing an in-depth technological investigation of the information and cyber events for restoration of attack activity and identification of attack targets and understanding of the severity of the event.

Cyber 4 share point

A system for the management of a classified information security process, by removing digital media from classified internal networks into an external network, which has a lower classification than the network that keeps the information.


The Gigamon technology supplies organizations with improved access and visibility for the organizational monitoring and information security systems, both traditional and cloud-based.

Many organizations deal with the high costs of monitoring and access management for their database, but the smart branding solutions by Gigamon allows them to simplify and decrease risks, costs and TCO, while providing the organizations with the ability to improve their monitoring levels by maximizing the existing communications infrastructure, maintaining the level of information security and high functionality.

Gigamon develops designated communication switches that give the organizations transparency and improvement in transferring critical data along the organizations’ networks and infrastructures, while filtering the data through the system and the various probes. The solution includes a platform of products in various sizes and with different capabilities from single port duplicators to large port-count switches.
Gigamon has a diverse list of customers from telecom, banking, industry and security worldwide (over 80,000 working units around the world).


  • Testing of the organization’s security level and readiness for a cyber event.
  •  Exercises and simulation of security and business continuation.
  •  Investigation of cyber events.
  •   Constructing a program for the organization to cope with information and cyber events (including training of technical elements).
  •  Security code surveys and security testing.
  •  Characterization and engineering of security solutions for organizational infrastructures and applications.
  •  Integration and assimilation of security products.
  •   Application of designated products of the world’s leading suppliers in: vulnerability, DLP, SOC/SIEM, anomaly detection, secure coding, assessments and MDM.
  •  Products in which matrix has a unique expertise:
    QRadar – Q1 – an SIEM solution of IBM that allows to utilize important organizational security events among the millions of events occurring all the time, while performing advance analysis, such as anomaly detection by analyzing the communications traffic and concentrating events from the entire form of infrastructure and security in the organization.
    Buffer zone – a system that defines a closed and isolated virtual environment for sensitive applications and information.
    DataPower – a leading IBM product that provides an extensive solution of SOA services security.
    GTB – content aware DLP – a system that prevents organizational information leakage, which is based on the ability to monitor, verify and label information.
     I2 – a complete analysis tool for investigating attack or fraud events, which enables graphic identification of contacts between entities, while providing support for unstructured information.
    Site Black Box – a solution that defends the applicative formation from robotic attacks or uncommon behaviors.
    SE46 – an application whitelisting system that determines which applications will run over work stations and servers.
    BMC IDM – a tool for managing the user identities and the organization’s lateral access authorizations.