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Knowledge Management Center of Excellence

The center includes dozens of well-known software and content people who are highly-experienced in consultation, characterization, implementation and assimilation of diversified, leading knowledge management and portals systems

​The center has many successful projects and years of experience integrating data management tools and technologies in different organizations, including: content management tools, files management systems and file-based processes management, organizational portals, work desk, internet and intranet, search and restoration tools, etc.

Solutions that Customers like

​“Breaking the walls” between operational sites and marketing sites

Building the marketing site and the operational site under one, seamless platform, with full transparency and highly fitted to the customer type and needs. An all-inclusive, seamless portal increases the conversion ratio in different areas of the website, increases customer share and produces constant activity with the customer.

Brain-i – knowledge management in call centers and data management work environment

A designated and focused data platform for the employee, which includes controlled, abridged and concise pieces of information meant for supporting the employee’s work. This solution fits a work environment that requires data management, like call centers.

Blacking out system

A system that provides a solution for blacking out different types of files and reducing their classification by omitting and replacing texts.

D2K (Data to Knowledge) - document management system

A system for managing documents, which allows exposing broad functionality in standard forms. The product includes full integration with office systems and allows constant work also through an organizational portal.

MCx infrastructure

An infrastructure of controls meant for portals and content sites, which significantly reduces the project schedule and costs.


Exclusive representation in Israel of Morfix, which provides advanced morphology abilities, contextual search, thesaurus, etc.

Cyber 4 Share Point

Cyber 4 SharePoint is a system meant for managing classified data security process, by removing digital media from classified internal networks to an external network, which has lower classification than the network that holds the information.

The system allows:

  • Effective and reliable documents redaction by using an advanced rules and filtering system.
  • Operational efficiency – replacing the manual process with a supervised automatic one.
  •  Time saving – significantly shorter redaction time.
  •  Control and supervision – over all the actions of the system.
  •  Backup and documentation – saving all documents and history.


​Consultation, characterization, development and implementation based on the leading tools in the field in all content worlds.

ECM (Enterprise Content Management)

Specialty in managing documents and contents in an inclusive manner by treating information from a variety of content sources in records management, which provides an answer to the legal regulations and references to documents created in the organization.

WCM (Web Content Management)

Specialty in application of web content management solutions. In addition, Matrix offers websites and intra-net sites with a variety of products and technologies by leading international knowledge management companies

Knowledge Management

Specialty in portals application in order to unite all the organization’s services, information and tools with customized content

Selected Tools and Infrastructures

MJS – MCMS Jump Start

MJS is an infrastructure developed by Matrix, which helps converting contents from systems such as MCMS 2002 to SharePoint.
The infrastructure was developed in cooperation with Microsoft and is suitable for many content conversion scenarios. It is also flexible and can be easily expanded with adapters.
The infrastructure is used by many customers in Israel.

SharePoint Application

Matrix is a leader in the field of development and implementation of SharePoint technology in the different areas of content management, websites, portals and documents management. As part of the solution, the whole SharePoint project includes building and configuration, design, designated developments, unique solutions based on SPS.


​Strategic planning of an organizational portal

The strategic planning includes examining the social computing role in the organization:
  • Which supporting technologies are used by the organization? What does Enterprise 2.0 means to the organization? Who are the target audiences?
  • Defining the business approach to managing information sharing projects.
  • Establishing measurements to verify the business goals.

Planning a website with the “wall breaking” model

Connecting the different “islands” of organization activities within the digital channels into one fluent activity between the marketing area, the personal area and external areas like social media. The planning including organization of the contents in a way that will support the relationships with the customers according to their types, combining the local and global branding and uniting the service messages with the marketing messages.


Locating relevant contents, mapping existing information and recommending proper alternatives and information enrichment processes.
The final product is planning an inclusive solution for searching, which entails guidelines for the search engines, data restoration possibilities and integrating additional abilities like federation, as long as external sources are required.

Points of Interest

  • The world of data management is a part of Matrix Digital, which represents connections between the different channels and leveraging the relationship with the customer and the ability to link the intra-organizational messages outwardly.
  • The User eXperience center of excellence has unique experience in designing intra-organizational data management solutions.
  • The Dynamic BI center of excellence provides a platform of assimilating BI products and presenting them just in time within the context of the end user in the world of data management and portals.