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Consolidation & Virtualization Center of Excellence

The center offers services of planning, assimilation and support for processes of consolidation and virtualization of servers and workstations while analyzing the individual organizational work environment and adapting it to his demands

​The center includes a team of authorized specialists with vast and proven experience in performing the leading projects in Israel.

The center of excellence is based on solutions, infrastructures and virtualization of the leading manufacturers in the world and is committed to closely assist and support the customer throughout the project.

The center offers the organization a virtualization and consolidation solution that guarantees savings in computer and cost resources, improvement in work desk performance, improvement in support and service to the customers, high survivability and recoverability, a testing environment for developing systems, backup and fast recovery and a “greener” environment.

Through the processes of virtualization and consolidation, when done correctly, a distinct return of investment (ROI) can be achieved.

The issue of virtualization is the basis for establishing a private cloud and a significant component in the cloud ready data center perception.​​

Solutions that Customers like

​Advanced virtualization solutions for data centers

  • Server virtualization – the data center is based on virtualization and combines management tools for command and control and planning of the environment capacity.
  • Automation solutions for virtual environments – for effective management of multi-server virtual sites and as a basis for establishing of a private cloud.
  • Smart backup solutions for virtual environments – solutions to prevent information duplication and creating an environment with the ability to maximize the use of backup volumes while minimizing the backup window.
  • Private cloud – smart solutions for management, operating, maintenance and distribution of the computerized environments within the IT formation, from a self service portal to billing mechanisms (both outside and inside the IT formation).

Solutions for end users

  • Desktop virtualization – establishing virtualization services for end stations (desktops).
  • Solutions for remote branches (branch office)
  • Application virtualization – virtualization for applications and integration to the VDI environment and projects.


  • Characterization of the data center towards transitioning into virtual infrastructures
  • Planning management formation for a virtual infrastructure
  • Assimilation automation solutions, managing and operating secondary sites (DR)
  • Establishing virtualization based/integrated datacenter
  • Characterization and analysis of the customer’s environment destined to transition into a virtual environment at the end stations
  • Realizing a virtual environment at the end stations


​The methodology of the center of excellence refers to the entire life cycle of establishing a virtualization solution.

Points of interest

  • Virtualization is the basis for establishing private clouds, according to the methodology and perception described in the Cloud Computing theme.
  • Virtualization is a critical component for business continuity solutions, which can be studied at the DRP & Storage center of excellence.
  • BSM solutions provide designated modules for management and command and control of the virtual environment.
  • The Matrix solution center enables planning, testing and experimenting with virtualization solutions.