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Cloud Computing Theme

Matrix is the leader in the cloud market, involved in consultation and implementation processes and solutions for internal clouds, virtualization, adjusting and development of solutions

In addtion matrix help organization to to migrate to cloud model and selling leading activation products, management and cloud control.

​Due to great interest by the customers, workshops and strategic and practical planning processes were constructed under the name Cloud Readiness.

Matrix supplies solutions and services required for cloud implementation in all aspects and for all service types – IaaS, SaaS, PaaS

For all target audiences (private, public, community)

For all types of control (internal, external, intra-organizational, hybrid)

For an organization that wants to be a cloud consumer or supplier.

Matrix is unique in giving an extensive, overall, inclusive solution for cloud computing.

Solutions that Customers like


​Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Cloudzone, Matrix’s cloud business unit, is a leading AWS solution provider in EMEA.
With over 5 years of experience with AWS, CloudZone provides its customers with a complete service package that includes consulting, system architecture and management services. As an advanced consulting and reseller partner of Amazon Web Services, we ensure that our customers adopt the most advanced technologies and best practices.


CloudZone helps you leverage the power of AWS, so you can focus on your core business strategies. CloudZone offers a wide range of services to help you maximize performance, while keeping costs down. With CloudZone services, you can optimize scalability and deliver your product to your customers with exceptional quality and speed, eliminate downtime and increase productivity. 

Matrix SaaS model solutions:


Completing module for the Matrix ERP solution Tafnit.

The solution allows customers to manage electronic bids with suppliers, with transparency, while maximizing the ROI (between 5%-40% savings in purchasing expenses).


A system for management of collection processes developed in cooperation with "Benoam", the Israeli center for arbitration and conflict solving.

The system fully supports all the collection and legal processes required by the organization.

IT Helpdesk

A system for management of the organizational support center.


The triple link between the organization, the business customer and the consumer.

Solutions for the organization's customers to encourage loyalty and to broaden customer share.


  • Strategic planning of cloud readiness.
  • Development/migration of applications into clouds based on the Matrix cookbook and with the integration of the Matrix Global Nearshore services.
  • Establishing a private/public/community cloud based on the Matrix cloud building blueprint.
  • A lab within the Matrix solution center, which provides experimenting with cloud platform.
    The lab offers POC (proof of concept) or POT (proof of technology) processes to test applicability and to define risks on the initial issues involving cloud computing.
  • Establishing a cloud-ready datacenter.
  • Establishing a private/community Paas for  Java, .NET, XRM environment, Sharepoint and other environments.
  • Establishing an operational and/or marketing self-service portal for cloud services.
  • Consultation, development and implementation services around the leading tools of all the international suppliers in the field.


​What is cloud readiness and how can it be achieved?

The Matrix cloud readiness process is based on the Cloud Readiness Toolkit and it helps build cloud-ready programs on an infrastructural, application, architectural and business levels. More information

How to develop a cloud, or rather, how to migrate existing applications into a cloud?

Matrix is a pioneer in developing/migrating into clouds. More information

Make a private cloud

What are the issues involved in establishing a private cloud and how to get the meaningful benefits? How does establishing a private cloud influence budgeting and billing IT services in the organization? More information

Make a public cloud

What are the issues involved in establishing a public cloud and how to get the meaningful benefits? How to sell cloud services? More information

How is cloud computing relate to the CFO and CIO?

Creating a CxO level conversation on cloud computing; locating the issues where cloud computing can provide a significant operational/financial advantage; readiness to moving from a “product” to a “service” on products offered by the organization (updating the license model, changing the marketing methods, etc.)

Points of interest

  • Solutions Matrix represents within the Software Products Representation service:
    • CLM solution for managing an internal, external or hybrid cloud.
    • SaaS model solution for BI implementation as analytical infrastructure.
    • License management solution that helps organizations manage issues of licenses/services in the cloud world (private or public).
    • Product that helps “bridge” cloud issues and applications in the organization with the integration on the glass method.
    • Solutions for management or establishment of clouds:
      • Cloud lifecycle management for establishing and managing private or public clouds.
      • Cloud performance monitoring solution.
      • Establishing and managing public or private IaaS and PaaS.
  • The Matrix Integration and Infrastructure service specializes in establishing a cloud-ready datacenter, and in addition developed a solution center (with EMC) which provides a lab to experiment with establishing a private cloud.
  • The CRM center of excellence provides a CRM cloud solution based on the Microsoft CRM Online.
  • The Content, Knowledge & Portals center of excellence provides a solution for knowledge management and an organizational cloud portal.
  • The SOA & EI center of excellence provides solutions for integrating between the cloud and the organization.
  • The IBM DataPower appliance, which is distributed and implemented by Tangram, a Matrix subsidiary, can provide a high level of security in linking the organization and the cloud.
  • The Matrix Global nearshore services reduce costs and shorten the cloud development/migration processes.