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CRM Center Of Excellence

The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) center of excellence is the leader in implementing CRM systems in Israel

​The center has more than 200 professionals with vast experience and reputation in implementing diversified CRM systems. The center has dozens of years of experience under one roof, over 100 customers in the Israeli market and dozens of successful CRM projects.

The Matrix CRM center of excellence is the leader in implementing CRM in Israel, according to the STKI analyst company in the past years.

The center of excellence specializes in the business, process and technological aspects of CRM implementation. The center of excellence has work methodologies and best practices that make work processes quicker and more efficient, reduce risks and make the assimilations successful. The center of excellence deals with assimilating CRM projects on-site (on premise), on cloud (SaaS) or in a hybrid manner. In addition, the center of excellence deals with the new business scenarios that exist due to social networks and in assimilating them in the relationships the organization has with its customers through social CRM.

The CRM center of excellence has a central role in the multi-channel organizational / marketing approach lead by Matrix. The CRM is used as a platform for running representative-based channels (dispatch, branch, field workers) and as a multi-channel platform for running and documenting the relationship with the customer that helps the organization to maximize its relationships to the customer.

The CRM center has unique specialty in implementing Dynamics CRM and Oracle systems and a cross-technology specialty in implementing CRM projects in organizations.​​

Solutions that Customers like

​Classic CRM solutions

  • Sales model for maximization and control over the bidding, ordering and selling
  • Organizational and configuration catalogue management – building a dynamic configuration for the product during the call with the customer
  • Service model – managing call centers for a full service including managing calls, collection, escalations, correspondences and SLA
  • Field workers management module – assigning technician for a task and following the work. Including link to mobile

Complementary CRM solutions

  • CCA – unified desktop – improving service quality at the multi-channel call centers, systems and platforms
  • Social CRM – monitoring the social media activity and leveraging it to the business activity and improving the service to customers who are physically present and those who are in the social network
  • Portal for external target audiences – a portal for customers (customers, partners, agents, suppliers or any other external population) with the CRM platform. The portal is a complete business module that includes a self-service website and access to the CRM, identification and authorization as a full service to the CRM customers
  • Campaign manager – a solution for running and distributing campaigns in a variety of online channels (SMS, email, fax, WAP, voicemail, etc.)
  • Contact center – a package of solutions for running a dispatch that includes IVR, CTI and ACD interfaces, knowledge management, call scenarios, etc
  • Membership club and loyalty solutions – a system for running a membership club, meant for managing the customer through the membership process and following their purchasing habits
  • Brain-i – managing knowledge at the call center – a solution developed by matrix,for knowledge management at the call center, based on SharePoint 2010 and supplies support for knowledge management surrounding the customers’ world
  • CDI – Customer Data Integration (customers MDM), running “one source of organizational truth” for the customer’s data
  • RTD – Real Time Decision, real-time recommendations for optimizing the Up Sale and Cross Sale processes
  • Advanced solutions for customer search, including morphological searches
  • Integrating voice identification in the CRM processes
  • CIM Claim Information Management - designated computer system for management, improvement and control over the legal processes and collection procedures in organizations. Based on Dynamics XRM

xRM solutions:

  • Dynamics service desk – managing an intra-organizational support formation (IT help desk). supports the ITIL and ITSM standards.
  • Appointments module – making appointments at the physical branches of the organization.
  • Managing public queries – a system that answers to the demands of the freedom of information law and enables the management of the public queries with full transparency.

Dynamics Touch Points

A solution that allows mobile users to integrate with the CRM processes, from any place, at any time and within any context, whether they work for the organization (technicians, service providers, professional teams, etc.) or work externally (suppliers, agents, dealers, distributers, etc.)
Sample applications: mobile CRM solution for management and operation of field sales people, technicians and agents of marketing, infrastructure, management and organizational journals synchronizing, employees timing, shifts management, external or internal portals and operational mobile CRM applications / external mobile customer and service portal / business partners and agents portal.

  • The solution is based on a business and technological platform, which was developed by Matrix (Touch Points) that includes advanced, built-in connectivity to a variety of platforms and operational systems and in a Dynamics Touch Points version of Dynamics CRM platform.
  • The solution is adapted to the existing smart tablets and phone devices, the different Native and Hybrid operation systems and allows full usage of the device capabilities (camera, GPS, etc.)
  • The solution works with a full multi-channel and online approach, that’s directed towards a business solution through an advanced, secure, monitored, accessible mobile distribution that supplies a rich and progressive user experience.
  • The solution includes support for full cloud formation application / on-premise hybrid.


  • ​Business and technological research and consultation related to the CRM perception
  • Assistance in creating the organization’s CRM strategy
  • Development, implementation and establishment of CRM projects in the organization
  • Organizational architecture for the xRM platform and shared infrastructures
  • Conversion/immigration/development of the organization’s systems into the xRM platform
  • Establishing a knowledge management for the sales/service dispatch
  • Building supportive analytical models for the CRM project


​The sure-step methodology for managing the whole Dynamics CRM project lifecycle

The sure-step methodology is the official Microsoft methodology for implementing Dynamics projects.

Characterization methodology and xRM implementation

The center of excellence had developed and applied a designated xRM characterization and implementation methodology, which includes aspects of establishing a business information scheme, customizing it to xRM, business laws and processes and interfaces and loadings.

Social CRM do and don’t

The Matrix methodology helps the organization to locate the proper business scenarios for work with social CRM and also offers a process for realizing these scenarios.

Training and assimilation methodologies for CRM projects

In order to guarantee correct, unified, effective and efficient usage of the different systems, and to allow the reception of technological innovations, professional changes and strategic arrangement, while reducing the users’ resistance, the project will be performed in accordance with an orderly methodology.

The five-step methodology for improving performance at the sales/service centers

The five-step methodology is a tool for observing and identifying the desired improvement centers in the organization in order to achieve maximum performance efficiency and improvement over the EPSS discipline.

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