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Business Service Management Center Of Excellence

The Business Service Management (BSM) center of excellence provides solutions for business service-aimed for organizations

The solutions allow for overall organizational command and control.

The center of excellence includes dozens of people and it aimed to improving the customers’ management and control abilities through a dynamic and heterogenic IT formation, while reducing operational costs at the same time.

The center of excellence uses top world-wide solutions that turn the IT unit into a “factory” by using 4 central disciplines:

Request & support

Creating an organizational service catalogue, mechanization of support processes and supplying services based on the best practices of ITIL.

Provisioning & configuration automation

Automated building of services that were defined by the service catalogue.

Monitoring & operation

Command and control over availability, performance, capacity and response times of the services provided by the IT organization and in general.

Plan & govern

Central management of budgets, suppliers, project and portfolio activities, IT people and compliance in order to improve the control of the IT managers over all that is happening in the organization. The solutions are based on a unified data model, which is defined by CMDB and serves all the BSM disciplines and also a variety of cross-discipline solutions​​

Solutions that Customers like

Proactive command and control

A solution that provides a single platform to establish a command and control formation over availability, performance, resource consumption, response times and service level from the infrastructure level, middleware and applications, plus the business service level and business processes performed at the same time as the automated analysis of abnormal trends and forewarning.

Managing a support formation based on a unified ITSM platform

A solution for running an organizational support formation that allows a mechanization of a wide variety of support processes and service supply through incident and problem management processes, managing changes, running assets and tasks.

This solution is based on one CMDB that is shared by the BSM and ITSM solutions.

Datacenter automation

A solution for datacenter mapping and an automation of services creation, servers, databases, communication equipment, applications, etc. as well as an automation of changes over these infrastructures.

This solution runs virtual and physical environments as well as internal and external cloud environments with a variety of operating systems and allows the organization to reduce the amount of managers needed to run the datacenter.

Batch management

A solution for running batch processes that crosses platforms, applications and systems.

It is based on the leading timing tool, which enables central management and control over the organizational batch process, reduces the time needed for the mechanization of a new process and allows for prioritization of malfunctions in the processes according to the service that is affected by the process.

Transaction management

A solution for supervision of synthetic and real transactions, with an analysis of response times, transaction success / failure, identifying problem origin and identifying the number of users affected by the performance and availability problem.


A solution for establishing and operating the CMDB formation. This module allows for automated mapping of the IT formation from the level of infrastructures to the level of business services. This solution is based on the abilities of automatic discovery and the federation of organizational information.

The solution is the basis for all BSM solutions.

Application release automation

A solution for the mechanization of processes meant to transfer versions of the application from development to production, while supporting a variety of development platforms and infrastructures.

Establishing and managing a private/community/public cloud

According to the Matrix cloud building module and based on the BSM infrastructure.



Planning the proper architecture, building practical ROI strategy


Building infrastructures around the leading products in the market, reducing risks and allowing a faster time to market.


Matrix combines the market’s best practices with the lessons from failed BSM projects and issues that are unique to each organization. The Matrix approach to methodology is pragmatic and it operates under the" just in time" technology and" just enough" technology mantra.

Representing and implementing  the leading solutions


Realizing ITIL in practice

How to switch from ITIL to pragmatic work methods that are based on organizational tools? How to avoid the VITIL syndrome (moving through ITIL without any real benefits)?

Managing changes

How to protect the manufacturing environment from critical malfunctions that are the result of unsupervised changes 80% of the time, without creating a development bottleneck due to management of these changes?

Just Enough CMDB

Pragmatic and evolutional approaches to populize CMDB.

Development and manufacturing

Can they go hand in hand? How to smooth the edges between development and manufacturing and guarantee an effective switch between them? What is the Devops approach and how can transferring to a cloud bring the organization closer to NOoops?

Operation is sophisticated

Combining knowledge management in operation processes.

Points of Interest

  • ​Using BSM and APM as part of the Basic methodology for control and supervision of the SOA chain of supply