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Sectors and customers

​​Since the success of a technological project requires an understanding of the business content world of the client, the services of Matrix are divided by market sectors. The divisions have specialists who are high skilled in various business –technology areas of the specific sector, who involved in the development, implementation and execution of the company projects and solution for the sectors. The division expertise is based on experience and a wide-scale of activities in the sector, on business solutions developed according to that knowledge, on cooperation with international vendors in the field and on close work with analyst companies in order to learn trends and gain knowledge in the relevant solutions.
Matrix has a blend of skills and services to provide the sectors specific needs: specialists in content, applications and technology, professional services, consultants, project managers and business managers.

​Matrix is proud to be a part of the success of many leading organizations. Among those are organizations, corporations and business from every market sector, of different scales and varied areas. We are pleased to share and show examples of several success stories from our clients in the different sectors.