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Business understanding, experience and advanced technological solutions suited for the needs of the organization in the telecom industry.

Matrix specializes in development, implementation and consulting in a variety of IT areas relevant to the telecom industry. Matrix has a deep understanding of the content world of the communication and telecom groups (landline, cellular and ISPs) and is a leading integrator in the market. Matrix specializes in the management, development and implementation of designated systems, such as billing systems, marketing and service systems, client relations systems to improve competition, quality of service, mobile solutions, field operators and increasing income by customizing solutions for the industry.
In addition, Matrix provides designated outsourcing for different systems and Professional Services for the main development projects of  telecom companies within ERP, BI, marketing, engineering, internet, etc.
This activity is unique because of the combination of technological expertise with vast knowledge and experience in the content worlds relevant to the industry.

Solutions that Customers Love

CRM systems

Matrix had assimilated complex CRM systems for most leading organizations in the field of telecom in Israel, over 15 broad projects. The deep knowledge and understanding of the needs of the telecom industry with the accumulated experience and knowledge of the content world are expressed in the unique solutions and abilities of the Matrix CRM center of Excellence.


The Matrix telecom professionals are integrated in the management of central development and implementation projects in the field.

Revenue assurance

A system and methodology of in-depth testing of the organization’s revenue, both manually and with various constitution tools.

Development and support for sales system of telecom organizations

MCx – a multi-channel infrastructure that provides a package of ingredients, which become electronic trading solutions. These ingredients are flexible and can be realized in different ways in order to create different trading sites. The ingredients include modules for running a product catalogue, managing acquisition process, users and website content.
BMC Remedy – The BMC Company, which is represented in Israel by Matrix, provides a variety of solutions – the Remedy ITSM Suite, for the aspects of management, operation and supervision of the work and information processes of the IT formation. Additionally, as a solution based on needs for command and control in the telecom field, it is embedded with many of the telecom suppliers in Israel and the world as the management formation of the engineering and operation departments in those companies, Matrix has a knowledge center that focuses on the Remedy solution for the industry.

ISVs solutions

Matrix works closely with the ISV and the start ups community in Israel in order to bring innovation to its customers in a controlled manner while confining the risk. Matrix reveals these opportunities to the organizations and is exposed to them through the Innovation as a Practice processes.

Clouds for the telecom sector

Matrix provides cloud solutions for all types of services SAAS, IAAS and PAAS and for all target audiences (private, public and community) and types of control (internal, external, intra-organizational, hybrid) and also for organizations that wish to be a cloud supplier or consumer.
Just like for the big organizations, Matrix suggests all the telecom organizations to focus on establishing a private cloud according to the blueprint developed by Matrix after customization to the unique organizational environment. 

However, telecom organizations have a significant place in the chain of supply of the public cloud, which is why telecom organizations must update their business strategy and define their place in the cloud’s chain of supply, from the cloud communication supplier (no cloud without communication) to the front-row seats of the public cloud market. Matrix can help realizing the new business strategy based on the blueprint and the collection of solutions backing it up. Beyond the series of relevant solutions, Matrix offers strategic and practical planning processes under the name Cloud Readiness. The purpose of the processes is to map the business benefits compared to the organizations maturity and to prepare a roadmap of the organization’s entrance into cloud computing. Alongside the definition of business scenarios in which cloud computing may benefit the organization’s bottom line, the process also provides directions and best practices to establish infrastructures and systems with the intent of integrating them in the world of cloud computing in the future. The investment in Cloud Readiness improves the state of the organization even if it will not progress to it. Matrix also offers a unique lab to experiment with the formulating cloud solutions.
For more information, see broad specialty – Cloud Computing Theme.