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Industry and Commerce

Providing designated solutions for different fields within the commerce and industry sector and its customers

​Matrix specializes in development, implementation and assimilation of designated solutions for commercial organizations, chains, institutions and industries, from big organizations to SMB, within all the areas of the sector: leasing and financing companies, real-estate and asset management companies, car importers and garages, marketers and importers of consumer products and electronics, academic institutions, industry – manufacturing systems, logistics centers, tourism, service centers, fashion chains, protected accommodation, etc.
Matrix has the knowledge and experience to deal with the unique needs of the different sectors that compose the world of industry and commerce organization, and it offers a variety of solutions for finances and logistics management, solutions for customer relationship (CRM), internet, mobile and mobile terminals, managing data and portals, BI and solutions for integration and command and control.​​

Solutions that Customers Love


The ERP software was developed by Matrix. The system is suited for the needs and requirements of Israeli organizations and for designated vertical needs. Tafnit works within WEB environment and deals with all the organizational, logistics, financial and managerial activities in factories, companies, financial organizations and public groups.
The system enables a combination of all the data and business processes of the organization into one unified system while presenting the information to the executives for decision making. Tafnit is embedded in over 300 organizations in Israel.
Click here for the different modules of Tafnit.

Tafnit BI

a system that produces meaningful information business-wise out of all the data that is stored at Tafnit and the rest of the organization’s systems. The system enables to locate significant patterns for the organization’s management and to create reports and warnings in order to make managerial decisions. Tafnit BI provides historical and current information and forecasts on business activity.


a solution for running the financial activity in the organizations. Matrix implements and assimilates a number of leading products by the worldwide CODA vendor in the Israeli market: financial module, acquisition module, permanent acquisition module, budget module, etc.


an advanced system for running logistics and distributing centers that is installed at the biggest logistics centers and warehouses in Israel.

SSA Global (former: Baan)

an international ERP system, promoted by Matrix in Israel, which is installed at large, leading organizations in Israel.


an international system promoted by Matrix in Israel, for logistics and manufacturing management and industrial organizations.


the product is an international product by Honeywall Company and it is meant for industrial organizations. The product belongs to the MES products family and is assimilated by Matrix at a number of big organizations in Israel. The product is between the manufacturing stage to the ERP system and enables an easy and simple dialogue between the two stages.


a solution from Matrix travel solutions for travel services operators. A designated ERP system for tourism that works for dozens of customers around the world.


a solution for running tourism sales websites. The solution includes an advanced management system that enables management of marketing contents and SEO contents for tourism websites as well as a while system to manage and sell tourism products. The sales system enables manual deals promotion or the importing of products from other systems and interfaces to different tourism products aggregators. The solution includes a full infrastructure for customer billing, opening supplier PNR, opening website owner docket and an orders management system for documenting all the sales in the website.


a package of components developed by Matrix, which compile a  vast portfolio of  electronic trade solutions. These components are flexible and can be realized in different forms in order to create different kinds of trade websites. It also includes a component for managing a products catalogue (products categories and families, product details, pricing, deals, packages, etc.) Additionally, the system has components for managing the purchasing process, which includes cash register deals, shopping cart, wish list, payments and inventory checks. Finally, the package includes components for users and website contents management.

ISVs solutions

Matrix work closely with the ISV and the start ups community in Israel in order to bring innovation to its customers in a controlled manner while confining the risk. Matrix reveals these opportunities to the organizations and is exposed to them through the Innovation as a Practice processes.

Clouds for the commerce and industry sector

Matrix provides cloud solutions for all types of services SAAS, IAAS and PAAS and for all target audiences (private, public and community) and types of control (internal, external, intra-organizational, hybrid) and also for organizations that wish to be a cloud supplier or consumer. 
Commerce and industry organizations, especially global ones, can benefit from public cloud solutions. Matrix specializes in developing knowledge management solutions: CRM and operational cloud solutions.
In addition, for the big public organizations, Matrix suggests to focus on establishing a private cloud according to the blueprint developed by Matrix after customization to the unique organizational environment.


Based on the same approach, Matrix is able to assist organizations in building a community cloud for dealers, distributers, franchisers or any other community relevant for the organization.
Beyond the series of relevant solutions, Matrix offers strategic and practical planning processes under the name Cloud Readiness. The purpose of the processes is to map the business benefits compared to the organizations maturity and to prepare a roadmap of the organization’s entrance into cloud computing. Alongside the definition of business scenarios in which cloud computing may benefit the organization’s bottom line, the process also provides directions and best practices to establish infrastructures and systems with the intent of integrating them in the world of cloud computing in the future. The investment in Cloud Readiness improves the state of the organization even if it will not progress to it. Matrix also offers a unique lab to experiment with the formulating cloud solutions.
For more information, see broad specialty – Cloud Computing Theme.