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Hi-Tech and ISVs

Services and designated solutions that assist the independent software manufacturers, developers and startup companies

​The Israeli culture is nurturing a unique combination of innovation and intensive entrepreneurship. The Israeli policy on immigration, R&D and army service have been key factors in the country’s growth and have contributed greatly to its becoming a "startup nation". Matrix sees a great opportunity in cooperating with the ISVs and startup companies and offers the hi tech organizations services and solutions through the international suppliers it represents and its special services to the sector and through leveraging the mature start ups solutions in the services and solution it offer to the organizational Israeli market in order to bring innovation in different fields.​​​​

Solutions that Customers Love

​Promotion, marketing and support for Israeli hi-tech, ISVs and startup companies and exposure to the leading organizations in the market.

Based on the wide spread of Matrix in leading organizations of all market sectors, technological specialty and familiarization with the market needs, Matrix represents and promotes Israeli ISVs solutions, creates references, gives sales, product management and support.

Promoting the companies is done by the software products division, which deals with representing international vendors over 20 years, and also by combining the different divisions when the need arises, activating partnerships and distribution agreements.

Matrix reveals the ISVs solutions to its customers in the Israeli market also through the Innovation as a Practice service.


Matrix offers assistance to ISVs in creating a global solution with local compatibilities (geographically unique language and characterizations). Matrix creates the required Israeli compatibilities and uniqueness, through the Babcom Center subsidiary, it has the ability to make the required compatibilities for the Arabic world and the Arabic-speaking countries.  Matrix supplies services like localization, translation and support in Hebrew and in Arabic. 
To Red Hat Innovate- Special program for Start Up

Nearshore and offshore testing and development services

The need of ISVs for quality but competitive testing and development teams facing the worldwide market in terms of price and flexibility is sometimes what will determine the competition and survival. The ability to quickly allocate testing and development teams that are competitive, high-quality and are in low turnover has a meaningful advantage for every ISV. These services are provided by Matrix Global. This service is given, among other things, by people who speak different languages as their mother tongues. Matrix global works closely with the Matrix centers of excellence and can thus supply many services in which Matrix specializes in a model that integrates support by experienced specialists and nearshore business model for cost reduction. Matrix global benefits from the services of the Matrix training centers, which enables it to quickly train human resources with a variety of technologies, solutions and content worlds.

Nonstop help desk services

Establishing a nonstop (24/7) helpdesk service formation with a defined SLA requires an investment that doesn’t always go together with the ISV/startup development business plans. Matrix provides these services through Babcom Centers, its subsidiary, while giving statement reports and full transparency for the ISV managers. This service is given by people who speak different languages as their mother tongues.

Professional, development and implementation services

The Matrix professionals allow the hi-tech companies and the ISVs to focus on the core product development and to complete knowledge that they do not posses by the connection between matrix's professionals and matrix's centers of excellence , learning from the vast knowledge accumulated in Matrix in different fields (like development, infrastructures and business implementation solutions, etc.) For more information, see the Matrix centers of excellence and matrix professional services service.

Combining international technologies represented by Matrix in a OEM model

Matrix assists startups and ISVs in three ways:
  • Adopting and combining technologies and products that accelerate the development and improve the product based on different attractive business models customized for the ISV business model.
  • Assistance with partnerships and a connection to potential distribution channels for ISVs and startups and assistance with services of world leading software companies, which are represented by Matrix or have long lasting work relationships with Matrix.
  • OEM model, combining R&D versions that reduce initial costs of user licenses, using models that test innovative technologies and proving abilities with mutual investments. Using international products gives the startup exposure to international markets and to the support and marketing services of the supplier in Matrix’s assistance. Here are a few exemplary products in the sector:
Red Hat – operation system / application server – mechanisms of rules and processes / virtualization / cloud development environment.


BMC Software – the leading tool in the world for running cloud environment for command and control, timing and resource management.

Business Objects – BI and report tools.

Gomez – user experience analysis

Gigamon – intelligent data access networking – increasing the network performance and network transferring abilities.

RTI-DDS (data distribution services) – one of the most advanced infrastructures for delivering a rate of hundreds of thousands of messages per second with no dependency on a central component.

The Matrix training centers for ISVs and startups

The different Matrix training centers provide a variety of courses and specialties designated for running startups and ISVs, like the way to IP, worldwide defrayals and payment, regulation, preparing winning presentations for investors, etc.

Clouds in ISV and hi-tech sector

Matrix provides cloud solutions for all types of services SAAS, IAAS and PAAS and for all target audiences (private, public and community) and types of control (internal, external, intra-organizational, hybrid) and also for organizations that wish to be a cloud supplier or consumer

ISVs and startup companies have a unique interest in the cloud area, in five fields Matrix can assist:


  • Making the development process more efficient through the cloud – using the cloud platform in order to build a more efficient and agile development center.
  • Cloud friendly products – creating products the customers can run on private / public clouds.
  • Cloud enabling products – creating products for customer usage in order to make clouds for their customers.
  • Developing the company’s solutions in a service (SaaS) model and not as a product – the development can be performed over the IaaS services or over the PaaS services. Matrix can assist in creating the most suitable solution for the company’s business strategy and in realizing the solution in any one of the alternatives.
  • Constructing partners and distributers channels with the cloud through a B2B2C approach.
    Matrix can assist in realizing the business strategy and the implementing cloud solutions.