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core solutions, logistic, billing, finances and multi-channel solutions that correspond to the needs of the health organization

​​Matrix specializes in understanding the needs of the medical dedicated system and deals with the development, implementation and assimilation of solutions in medical centers and health establishments. Matrix now offers the most advanced and extensive platform for managing the entire managerial, logistic, billing (ATD) and financial activity in medical centers through a variety of solutions - the main one is the Tafnit ERP system, which was customized for the unique needs of the health field – and solutions for the management of legal processes, collection processes and solutions for managing the relationships of the organization with its clients within internet, mobile and CRM.​​

Solutions that Customers Love

​The Tafnit ERP system

A unique solution for the general management of medical centers. The Tafnit ERP system is very popular among hospitals in Israel and is installed in over 15 leading hospitals and medical centers in Israel and in the world. The Tafnit system is customized for an advanced and modern management of medical centers. The system brought the overall ERP concept, as it is practiced today in Europe and the USA, into Israeli hospitals. In addition to the efficiency of operation and management of the medical center, the system also provides a current, real-time status report, in all the medical-managerial, financial and logistic ranks and allows an educated decision-making process. Tafnit is interfaced with the other systems that operate in the medical centers, such as the clinical system (managing patient files), lab work, etc. Click here for more information on the different modules of Tafnit.

e-Health online medicine

The online medical channel allows an active cooperation of the patient with the navigation and management of their medical status in sickness and in health though interactive tools that are customized to their personal data. The system, which was developed by Matrix, provides a supply of many innovative online services based on 3 platforms: internet, mobile and BI, including: managing the personal medical files of the client and their minor relatives with the organization and the medical staff at the clinic, while granting a professional and accessible medical answer, relieving the workload on clinics, improving the service levels and frequency of medical services, economic savings, environmental consciousness and branding the organization a an innovative leader in the field.

Clinic desktop

This is meant to improve the quality of services at the multi-channels, systems and platforms service and support centers. The desktop provides a simple and intuitive work interface for fast and easy approach to the various organizational resources, like the CRM systems and other relevant systems, for cross-wiring sales and transferring data between applications where required. The final implementation empowers the clients and improves their business readiness with: easy access to the information, an improved user experience while learning the processes, empowering the agents / clerks, improving production in the development processes, simplifying integration processes and leveraging existing IT investments (aggregation, automation, capturing applications for one location).


Claims information management (CIM)

A computer system designed for management, efficiency and supervision of legal and collection processes in the organization, removing internal and external claims, based on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and saving precious time and money managing collection processes in organizations.
ISVs solutions – Matrix works closely with the ISV and the start ups community in Israel in order to bring innovation to its customers in a controlled manner while confining the risk. Matrix reveals these opportunities to the organizations and is exposed to them through the Innovation as a Practice processes.

Clouds for the health sector

Matrix provides cloud solutions for all types of services SAAS, IAAS and PAAS and for all target audiences (private, public and community) and types of control (internal, external, intra-organizational, hybrid) and also for organizations that wish to be a cloud supplier or consumer.

For large health organizations, Matrix suggests to focus on building a private cloud according to the blueprint that Matrix developed after customizing it to the unique environment of the organization. Based on the same approach, Matrix can assist organizations with constructing a community cloud for doctors, pharmacies, hospitals or any community relevant to the organization.

Beyond the series of relevant solutions, Matrix offers strategic and practical planning processes under the name Cloud Readiness. The purpose of the processes is to map the business benefits compared to the organizations maturity and to prepare a roadmap of the organization’s entrance into cloud computing. Alongside the definition of business scenarios in which cloud computing may benefit the organization’s bottom line, the process also provides directions and best practices to establish infrastructures and systems with the intent of integrating them in the world of cloud computing in the future. The investment in Cloud Readiness improves the state of the organization even if it will not progress to it. Matrix also offers a unique lab to experiment with the formulating cloud solutions.

For more information, see broad specialty – Cloud Computing Theme.