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HOT launched a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system based on PeopleSoft tailored for it by Matrix

The shekel value of the project is in the millions

HOT has launched an end-to-end solution for management of its customer service centers based on PeopleSoft's CRM system, tailored for it by Matrix. The system will serve about 4,500 users and is guaranteed to support simultaneous operation by 2,000 CSRs. The shekel value of the six-month project that just went live is estimated in the millions.

PeopleSoft is replacing the Convergys billing solution, which HOT had been using for customer management processes to date. The new system was selected for its rich functionality, high performance and enhanced ability to integrate with the company's billing system. The system offers a uniform interface for representatives, enables work in parallel on several systems and provides tools to manage the company's business processes. The Matrix Telecom and CRM Solution Division was responsible for defining the needs of the users and then designing and building the system to respond to them. John Bryce Training, the training and deployment division of Matrix, performed the integration and training.

In addition to these abilities, the main added value of the system is its ability to provide a true, comprehensive and up-to-date picture of customers, including a consolidated overview of customer activity and numerous options for managing and following up on queries. The system also serves the sales center representatives, who can use it to see customer history and track all inquiries on sales issues from the very beginning. In the next phase, later in 2010, Matrix is expected to add another module to the system to facilitate smart management of incoming orders and alert representatives of sales recommendations based on the customer's profile.

According to Eilon Ginsburg, HOT CTO, "The CRM system will be the epicenter of HOT's relationship with its existing and potential customers, with its innovative abilities that enable us to provide quick and efficient service to our customers and benefit from flexibility in offering new products in services. Now, after having tried the system and seeing how stable it is, we look back and say that the launch was very successful. In terms of the result, the project went live smoothly and on time. I would like to thank the Matrix project team that worked hard for many months and wish us both ongoing beneficial cooperation and an excellent business year in 2010."

Oudi Ashkenazi, Director of the Telecom Division at Matrix, said, "This deal strengthens the status Matrix has as the leader of the CRM market in Israel, with the world's leading CRM system. The success of the project is the result of true cooperation between professionals at both companies. I look forward to seeing HOT benefit from all the business advantages the new system provides and that we share many more successes in the future."