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Government and Public

The Matrix solutions make the connection and accessibility between the various units of the public organization and between the organization to the public, automatic, quick and efficient

Matrix deals with the management, characterization, development, building and assimilation of solutions for the government and public sector. The company provides core systems and solutions, integration, civil service systems, BI, e-government, internet and mobile systems to make civilian connection more efficient. Matrix works within the sector with different, customized business models, like nearshore services and outsourcing. ​​

Solutions that Customers Love

​Public query management

A system that supplies an answer for the freedom of information law and enables the management of public queries with full transparency.

Campaign manager and information distribution

A solution for running and distributing of campaigns in a variety of online channels (SMS, email, fax, WAP, voice mail, etc).

Managing customer service

CRM system for managing appointments in the organization, which interfaces with the internet and the organization’s telephony system to improve the customer service level.

Claims information management (CIM)

A designated system for management and efficient command and control of legal processes and collection procedures in organizations and removing internal and external lawsuits.

IT help desk

Managing an intra-organizational support formation based on the dynamics CRM system and supports the ITIL and the ITSM standards.

Contact center

A package of solutions for managing a contact center, including IVR, CTI and ACD interfaces, knowledge, call scenarios, etc.

Form server

The 24/7 forms website concentrates governmental forms for the customers. The service enables an easy search according to different categories, quick download and printing.  The website was built as part of the "Tehila" project and is an additional layer of the e-government project of the Israeli government.


Matrix deals with e-government as part of its e-business activity and its multi-channel strategy. The principle Matrix offers for the government’s digital or multi-channel activity is to “think business, act government.”
The Matrix solutions place the citizen’s (=customer) at the center, Matrix implements in its solution (CRM, internet, mobile, social media..) the principles of selection, the consistency and continuity of the channels between the government offices and the citizen and the freedom of information, transparency and accessibility
Matrix engages in several governmental activities in the field, among which are: the government forms server, the military websites, the Ministry of Communication, the standards institution of Israel, the IDF websites, the Tehila diversified information websites, the public queries system installed at two big offices, etc.

ISVs solutions

Matrix work closely with the ISV and the start ups community in Israel in order to bring innovation to its customers in a controlled manner while confining the risk. Matrix reveals these opportunities to the organizations and is exposed to them through the Innovation as a Practice processes.

Clouds for the government and public sector

Matrix provides cloud solutions for all types of services SAAS, IAAS and PAAS and for all target audiences (private, public and community) and types of control (internal, external, intra-organizational, hybrid) and also for organizations that wish to be a cloud supplier or consumer.
For the big public organizations, Matrix suggests to focus on establishing a private cloud according to the blueprint developed by Matrix after customization to the unique organizational environment.

The community cloud can serve a group (community) of public organizations or to be used by a community of organizations working with the organization (the Ministry of Education with the schools, the Ministry of Health with the hospitals, the Ministry of finance with the representatives, etc.)
Beyond the series of relevant solutions, Matrix offers strategic and practical planning processes under the name Cloud Readiness. The purpose of the processes is to map the business benefits compared to the organizations maturity and to prepare a roadmap of the organization’s entrance into cloud computing. Alongside the definition of business scenarios in which cloud computing may benefit the organization’s bottom line, the process also provides directions and best practices to establish infrastructures and systems with the intent of integrating them in the world of cloud computing in the future. The investment in Cloud Readiness improves the state of the organization even if it will not progress to it. Matrix also offers a unique lab to experiment with the formulating cloud solutions.
For more information, see broad specialty – Cloud Computing Theme.