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Education and Academic

Business understanding, experience and advanced technological solutions, customized to the needs of organizations within the education and academic sector.

​Matrix specializes in development, implementation and consultation for a variety of IT fields that are relevant for the education and academic sector. Matrix has many projects in high-schools, universities, colleges, research institutions and more. In addition to its classic IT services, Matrix also offers designated methodologies and solutions for the sector like online learning, computerized classrooms, etc.

Solutions that Customers Like

​Virtual Work Stations

Supplying advanced computer services and remote access to information systems for every user, even outside of the education center. A work environment that operates as a “personal, virtual work station,” which allows designated software to run from any computer, anywhere, anytime, without having to be physically present at the college.

“Smart Class”

The smart class enables online teaching that is based on the combination of computer, projector, internet communications and a smart board as an optimal learning formation. The smart board communicates with the projector, the teacher’s PC, the students’ laptops, the voting kits and printers, and allows for a learning experience that is interactive, full of expressions and productions, alongside personal and group activities. In addition, the board includes learning and didactic software, which can be used by the teacher to convey the material.

Digital Attendance Check on a Cellular Phone

Reports on class attendance, tardiness and interruptions through the teacher’s cellular/tablet device. The system is connected to the computerized school management system.

Digital Books

Digital literature is taking up an inseparable part of the reading books and magazines around the world. This trend is increasing since publishing companies have stopped printing and transferred their publishing format into eBooks.
We have detected this trend and began producing marketing, business and training material in this format for businesses and companies in Israel and abroad. The format includes an easy and friendly user interface with searching capabilities, printing, magnifying and ability to link to videos, websites, pictures, etc.
Over the year this format team had edited and produced several digital-media eBooks for our customers in Israel and in the world, in a way that will assist them in promoting and training for the products in the market.

Learning Modules and Computerized Training Devices

A professional, convenient, multipurpose, diverse and economical solution for organizations. developing unique learning modules for each organization, while referring to each demand and learning goals, based on extensive familiarity with the most updated technologies. The solutions developed for different organizations include: orientation modules, training modules for unique, cross-organization systems, process modules, webinars and marketing plus attitude change processes among employees.

Archive and Process Management System

The archive and process management system makes the process of dealing with suppliers’ receipts in the organization completely digital and automatic. The system was developed in order to make the processing and authorizing process of suppliers’ receipts within the various departments of the organization much more efficient.
The filtering process in done with smart decision charts for each relevant department or person, the document is kept in the archive and is automatically linked to each relevant department or person.
Also, the system integrates an identification and digital signature mechanism, in order to positively recognize each and every employee.
The system is a module of the ERP – Tafnit system.

CDN (Content Delivery Network) Services

A designated service for transferring content via the network to any place, any time and in a secure fashion.
The service allows the transfer of live broadcasts, videos, VOD and streaming services, used by website users and cellular apps operators to send feeds smoothly and quickly. The network is also used to transfer software versions and large files to many recipients and also to send and duplicate online content. The service can be used for remote learning/training solutions.