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Banking and Finances

Leading the market with a unique expertise in establishing core systems for the finance sector, dedicated solutions, integration and conversion projects, multi-channel and internet systems for banking and overall solutions for the capital market.

​​Matrix is the leading IT services company for the banking-finance industry in Israel, with hundreds of content and software professionals who operate and perform solution development, application development and implementation, integration projects and provide professional consultation services to most banks, mortgage banks, credit card companies, insurance companies and investment companies in Israel.
Matrix specializes in establishing core financial systems (e.g. pension consulting  systems, financial consulting, mortgage branches formation, tax servers, etc.), establishing designated systems (such as managing provident funds, budget, collection, pension consulting, electronic trading), multi-channel, mobile and internet systems and overall solutions for the capital market (for example, managing trust funds, supervision, trading in securities, risk management, liquidity, etc.).​

Solutions that Customers Love

​Financial consulting system

a system meant for the investment consultants in the bank branches and headquarters that outline the process of financial consulting for the bank’s clients. The system includes advanced solutions for the whole activity surrounding financial consulting, including managing the connection with the client, automatic setting of recommended client portfolio and direct transfer of trading instructions to the markets. The consulting system has a branch formation and also an internet application for the bank’s clients and for all the clients for supervision and support in setting a preferred portfolio.

IC control system

a system for the management and investment control of investment products, trust funds, provident funds, exchange-trade notes and selected portfolios. The system provides flexible tools for a broad and in-depth management and investment control and is designed for companies that operate funds, provident funds, exchange-trade notes and corporate accounts and also for their trustees.

CMR system for funds management

an extensive system for the operation and management of trust fund assets, meant for professional groups that deal with management of trust funds of any scale. The system is an overall solution that includes modules for direct stock market trading for securities integrated with real-time supervision, keeping the books, dealing with social events, and unique accounting of trust funds, BO formation, commissions and prices, taxing, general formations, reports to the authorities and additional modules required for fund companies.

One of the main advantages of the system is the infrastructure of trading activities that allows the manager to operate opposite several stock market members at a time, while maintaining central control and operating general supervision.

Gross settlement system

Real time gross settlement system (RTGS) has been working in the Bank of Israel since the beginning of 2007. As part of the overall reform in the payment and gross settlement system in Israel, the banks have been required to acquire systems for management of daily liquidity, since transfers over a certain amount will be performed throughout the day only through the RTGS system.


Matrix has a methodology for the conversion and upgrading of old systems to updated technologies. This methodology includes a risk assessment process for system maintenance and consolidation of organizational strategy for their migration in order to allow the organization to preserve its investments and significantly prolong the life of the system and use the capabilities of modern development environments.


a solution that provides an answer for data interfaces, event interfaces and collection interfaces between the various figures in the banking-pension market, insurance companies, pension funds, provident funds, advanced study funds, banking clearing center, employers, etc. The solution and development architecture provide an all-inclusive answer to issues of documentation, supervision, denial prevention, information security, SLA management, digital signatures and online work alongside saving on back office workers, data quality, handling errors, support for transferring and receiving files attached to interfaces, gross settlement readiness, etc.


Contact solution in front of pension clearinghouse, implemented on top of Bway infrastructures. The BwayExpress used as a layer for managing pension interfaces between the organization's internal systems and pension clearinghouse on both directions, inbound and outbound interfaces are built in accordance with the structures defined by Treasury Department's instructions. The system can be used to manage the interfaces with the pension clearinghouse, enforce business rules, perform conversions, detect erroneous messages, support feedback from the LOB system (of all types), manage SLA, handle attachments and audit the system. The solution can be viewed as a Plugin to log into the pension clearinghouse. BwayExpress also acts as a sort of a buffer, leveling updates and changes required by regulation, the clearinghouse or other partners. Reliance on existing solution frees organizations from developing interfaces' layer to the pension clearinghouse within their internal systems.

Pension consultant system

a system that is meant for a frontal presentation to clients that need pension consultant. During the consultation process, the system will accompany the pension consultant structurally and will guide them simply from start to finish. The consultant system includes several steps, including: verification and completion of client data, risk questionnaire, receiving assets details, planning needs, deposits and tax benefits, building recommended panel, comparing alternatives, selecting portfolio, summarizing the meeting and printing, including an explanatory document according to the regulatory requirements. The system includes graphs and diagrams for simulation and friendly demonstration of the allowance and capital the client will receive at the age of retirement.

Anti-Money Laundering Systems

Exzac, a subsidiary of Matrix, provides many of our clients with advanced, risk-based tuning capabilities and link analysis technology to help improve the output of AML systems, achieving compliance by focusing on entities and transactions that are actually high risk and avoiding needless workflow by eliminating statistical and business noise.

Derivative Trading Compliance

Exzac, a subsidiary of Matrix, at the forefront of implementing derivative trading compliance solutions for exchange-traded and OTC instruments for current and soon-to-be imposed rules and regulations and have the technical expertise and experience to deal with the unique data requirements.

Fraud Prevention

Exzac, a subsidiary of Matrix, has developed a set of services aimed at restoring transparency and agility to the relationship between financial institutions and their fraud prevention vendors. From strategy reviews, to implementation, to tuning and augmenting fraud detection capabilities with highly effective rule sets, we create a complete fraud infrastructure that is as easy to manage as it is effective.


solutions for the development of electronic trading systems, including: consulting services, planning, analysis, development and conversion of systems, creating organizational infrastructures, maintenance and a variety of services for the channels, with an overall view of the channel blend within the relationship between the organization and its clients.

Financial CRM

application of CRM in the sales and services centers to improve the client services, realizing opportunities for business expansion, mortgage requests, dealing with insurance products, client management with all the financial products and integration to parallel systems for the purpose of calculating client worth and managing collection and legal processes (CIM).


overall solution for capital market taxing. The solution is characterized with a high integration to the bank’s systems and provides tax calculation by the IRS regulations.

Budget Planning

advanced budget management and planning by Business Object, which provides solutions for budget creation in banks and financial groups, for support of tax reports and regulatory reports. The systems includes overall solutions for the capital market.


a designated software package for the core system of financial establishments (banks, insurance companies and investment banks) which installed in most financial establishments in Israel.

Secure online websites

a full solution for a secure bank website: accounts management, credit card data management, loans, trusts and all other bank products.

Branch system

a solution for the management of daily activities of the bank workers.


factoring is an external funding method in which a funding company acquires debt balance of a business for cash payment. The Matrix factoring system is a part of the ERP system called Tafnit, which includes management of client file, loan file, transaction management, interest and commission calculations and data restoration. The system serves the financial sector and especially companies that provide funding solutions for organizations.

Pension collection

a system meant for the receiver of pension funds from employers and freelancers (banks, insurance companies, etc.). The system receives the financial details, separates them to the various pension files and performs the financial calculations accordingly. The pension files management is performed within the Tafnit CRM system.

ISVs solutions

Matrix work closely with the ISV and the start ups community in Israel in order to bring innovation to its customers in a controlled manner while confining the risk. Matrix reveals these opportunities to the organizations and is exposed to them through the Innovation as a Practice processes.

Clouds for the banks and finance sector

Matrix provides cloud solutions for all types of services SAAS, IAAS and PAAS and for all target audiences (private, public and community) and types of control (internal, external, intra-organizational, hybrid) and also for organizations that wish to be a cloud supplier or consumer.

For the big financial organizations, Matrix suggests to focus on establishing a private cloud according to the blueprint developed by Matrix after customization to the unique organizational environment.

Based on the same approach, Matrix can assist organizations in building a community cloud, for suppliers, agents, consultants or a community that is relevant for the organization.
Beyond the series of relevant solutions, Matrix offers strategic and practical planning processes under the name Cloud Readiness. The purpose of the processes is to map the business benefits compared to the organizations maturity and to prepare a roadmap of the organization’s entrance into cloud computing. Alongside the definition of business scenarios in which cloud computing may benefit the organization’s bottom line, the process also provides directions and best practices to establish infrastructures and systems with the intent of integrating them in the world of cloud computing in the future. The investment in Cloud Readiness improves the state of the organization even if it will not progress to it. Matrix also offers a unique lab to experiment with the formulating cloud solutions.
For more information, see broad specialty – Cloud Computing Theme.