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Leumi Card Ltd. upgrades their customer service systems


he company is launching, in cooperation with Matrix, the Microsoft CRM Dynamics system - an advanced CRM system that enhances the focus on the customer while improving the control mechanisms of the service quality
Leumi Card Ltd. continues to upgrade the service system for its customers. The cross-company project entails a launch of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM project – a new CRM system, which will be used by the service representatives at the FrontOffice center and the rest of the service departments at the BackOffice. The system, which should gradually replace the Vantive system, was implemented in cooperation with the Matrix CRM center of excellence, which specializes in advanced Microsoft CRM applications and is expected to provide a solution for over 1000 users.
The new Microsoft Dynamics CRM system is one of the most advanced in the field and is an efficient tool for meeting business goals, improving work processes, command and control, supplying advanced tools, an expanded view of the customer, etc. In fact, the system upgrades the focus on the customer while improving the control mechanisms for improving the provided service. It is an integrative system with hundreds of processes and interfaces and the implementation at Leumi Card is a world-wide leading enterprise implementation.
Alongside the CRM system upgrade, Leumi Card had also implemented supporting service systems. The distribution of the DsKnowledge information management system, together with BluePhoenix, was completed in two years and it now serves over 900 users. At the same time, the Nice RTI (Eglue) system was implemented with the ORTeam Company, which improves the user’s work process. These projects were managed by the CRM department of the customer service division, as part of the company’s CRM perception as a business project meant to provide an added value to the customer.
Asher Reshef, VP of IT at Leumi Card: “the assimilation of the system required an establishment of systems, conversion of data and performing many significant changed in the interfacing operational systems while implementing the SOA perception, all in order to enable the technological implementation of the company’s service perception.”
Shmuel Kra, Deputy CEO of customer services at Leumi Card: “the organizational preparation for CRM began with a preliminary process of forming strategies and organizational perceptions, all the way to their technological implementation, while keeping the benefit of the customer as the most important factor throughout the stages of the project. The project significantly improves the IT core at Leumi Card and allows us to give our customers an added value as part of the organizational strategy to improve our relationship with the customers.”
Oudi Ashkenazi, Director of the Matrix CRM applications division: “the implementation at Leumi Card is groundbreaking in terms of scale and range, our purpose with the implementation was to provide a solution that will fit the business goals and the high service standards of Leumi Card. We’re proud of being a part in the implementation and wish them good luck.”
Vardit, Manager of Effect, adds that “the project at Leumi Card is a significant one, which could not have succeeded without the combination of managerial and professional leadership of the customer alongside the most experienced CRM team in Israel today – this is an opportunity to thank the dedicated professional team of Effect and the wonderful teams that represented the customers.
For more information: Lital Istamati, Scherf Communications , 052-7202704
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