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Computerized follow-up of patient transfers during surgery, recovery, and hospitalization

​We are all familiar with the anxiety of relatives of patients going through surgery. Throughout the procedure, the family worries about what is happening, when will it end, and whether everything is on track. These issues cause intense apprehension to the family and unnecessary pressure on the medical administrative staff.

At the Herzlia Medical Center information about the progress of surgery is conveyed to the family in real time, while at the same time observing the required confidentiality of the medical information. Assessments performed at the Herzlia Medical Center revealed that making the relevant information available to the family of the patient resulted in:

  1. Reliable information being transferred in real time to family members, reducing the fear of the unknown and anxiety among family members.

  2. Reduction in the number of questions and clarifications addressed to the administrative staff (“Is it over?” “When will it end?…”) to a minimum, freeing the staff to attend to other patient matters.

  3. Increased satisfaction of the families with the level of information and treatment provided by the medical center.

An equally important objective achieved at the Herzlia Medical Center is improved quality and timeliness of reporting by the medical staff. At the Herzlia Medical Center, operating room and recovery room staffs report highly reliable and immediately accessible information in real time.

This performance was achieved with the introduction of sophisticated monitoring subsystems into the operating rooms, implemented with the aid of the Tafnit 2010 ERP system for the management of medical centers. At every stage of the treatment (operating room, recovery room, and ward) the reporting is performed by the medical rather than the administrative staff and displayed in real time on monitors installed in waiting areas (cafeteria, reception room, etc.). The solution contributes to overall increased satisfaction of patients and their families with the medical service.​