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Mainframe Center of Excellence

A platform of tools, services and methodology that surrounds the solutions of the mainframe environment

​The Mainframe (MF) center of excellence provides solutions that focus on improving critical business systems in the organization: from developing environments, through databases and to production environment.

The improvements include tools for improved performances, system durability, process automation, output management and development efficiency.

The MF center of excellence has over 15 years of experience, the Matrix sales group, that sells MF in Israel, knows the MF customers needs in Israel and supports them.​​

Solutions that Customers like

​Matrix offers a wide variety of answers for different needs of developing business applications within the mainframe environment.

Database – DB2 IMS

  • Administrative tools.
  • Managing changes in the data formation and catalogue management.
  • Quick data unloading, loading and reorganizing without hurting the data availability, while saving resources (about 50% less CPU usage).
  • A unique, inclusive solution for backup and recovery from failures (locals and DR).
  • Tools for improving performance in SQL, DB2 buffer pools and DB2 files.

BSM on MF and within MF environment

  • Command and control for complex MF environments through the business view (BSM) of the organization.
  • Timing and managing cross applications and system processes.

Availability and survivability

Testing for the organization’s durability in case of disaster

  • Testing existing state
  • Preparing and testing different recovery scenarios
  • Providing recommendations for improving the existing state and reaching a desired state.

MF development tools

  • Debugging tools with special abilities (including code and data values changing during debugging), cross-applications, which allow a quick analysis and shorter development times.
  • Transaction analysis within the MF and from top to bottom (MF and open environment).
  • Graphic solution for presenting the structure tree of the software components and collecting the operating data, including the contexts and dependencies between the different software components (cross reference).
  • Code and program “flow” analysis.

Performance tools

  • Collecting real-time operating data in order to shorten the period of characterization and locating malfunctions and low performance of the software components in the production environment.
  • Locating applicative bottlenecks in the software and databases.
  • Performance tool – QA on MF and testing within the MF work environment (without the need of click/server systems).

Combining MF systems in the organizational SOA infrastructures

  • Locating business transactions (CICS or other systems).
  • Exposure as SOA services in the organizational ESB layer, while using common integration protocols.
  • Implementing SOA security over the services with full guarantee to their performance.


  • A unique, worldwide personnel for consultation, development and implementation of mainframe solutions.
  • Training for MF in Israel, which includes a knowledge lab, conversions and constructing reserves.
  • Completing solutions for the MF world.
  • Represent Technologies solutions for MF.
  • A 24/7 highly skilled technical support formation.


​The methodologies used by the center for providing solutions to customers concern the main MF business and organizational challenges:

  • Business processes that do not end on time and cause failures of business moves, high costs and customer dissatisfaction.
  • Recovery from failures and causing loss of revenue and problems with image and reliability.
  • Exhausting and leveraging abilities and human resources in the field, which is a valuable resource that is missing among the young developers.
  • Improving the testing formation in order to maintain system quality and organizational services.