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E-Business Center Of Excellence

The E-Business center of excellence assists organizations in doing business with online, electronic means

Online businesses are done not only through the internet but also with phones and voicemails, information kiosks, mobile devices, social networks, etc.

​The perception of the center of excellence is doing business in the most suitable channel and time, with maximum accessibility and availability – “just in place, just in time, always there” – while adopting the multi-channel themes disciplines.

The center of excellence provides solutions for development and implementation of E-Business systems from top to bottom.

The center of excellence deals with the business relationships of the organization with the different target audiences along the chain of sale or the chain of customer service, such as: B2C (organization for private customers), B2B (organization for business customers), B2B2C (organization reaching user customers through “mediators” like agents, dealers, partners and distributers).

The activity is based on unique methodologies and diversified realization methods. The center combines the CRM, mobile, portals, social media, search and integration abilities and the multi-channels approach.

The center of excellence builds the solutions on-site or hosts them at the Matrix facilities or on innovative cloud models.​​​​​

Solutions that Customers Love


A full solution to an online tourism organization that deals with the whole lifecycle of the organization with the customer, including marketing, sales and service.
The solution entails an advanced management system that enables running marketing contents and SEO contents for tourism websites and a whole system for managing and selling tourism products.

e-banking, e-credit and e-finance

A full solution to an online financial organization that covers the whole lifecycle of the organization with the customer, including marketing websites, activities sites or both combined.

The solution enables running accounts, private or business, for bank customers anywhere, anytime and in any channel. The solution gives accessibility to information and checking activities, running securities, instant loans, credit cards movements, denying credit deals, etc.


A full solution to an online health organization that covers the whole lifecycle of the organization with the customer, including marketing websites, services sites or both combined.

The solutions supply medical information, forums, personal information, appointments, test results, consultations, etc.


A full solution for online commerce with the agile commerce approach, in which the catalogue, payments and commerce abilities are offered as services with an open architecture for use in different channels and touch points, while maintaining consistency and service continuity.

Cloud commerce

A full cloud service solution for electronic commerce, with strong integration to the platform that manages the cloud service. The solution fits selling cloud services to private or business end customers in a public, community or private cloud. The solution has strong integration with the BMC CLM platform for cloud establishing and running.


Assistance with forming the organization’s E-Business strategy

Creating E-Business solutions with unique specialty in business verticals: e-banking, e-government, e-travel, e-health, e-commerce, e-media, etc.

The services include:

  • Building websites and portals
  • Building mobile solutions integrated in the E-Business solution
  • Combining CRM solutions within the organization’s E-Business formation
  • Connection to social networks
  • Solutions for multi-channel distribution of marketing messages or services
  • Electronic commerce solutions
  • Integration with the organization’s core systems based on the SOA and EI abilities
  • Creating partnerships with other businesses based on B2B abilities


How to make the organization’s E-Business solution into a business catalyst?

The Matrix innovation workshops help to characterize and define the E-Business business processes that contribute to the organization’s bottom-line.

How can the E-Business leverage the multi-channel approach?

And how to maximize its business contribution, while maintaining the three Cs: consistency, choice and continuity?

How to conduct business in the digital world and still keep the human touch?

Multi-channel communication solutions, to complete the E-Business solutions and provide the added "human" value to the customers.

Agile electronic commerce

How to realize effective electronic commerce processes in a world of customers with consumer ADHD?

Innovation as a practice

How to turn the innovation process in the E-Business world into constant productivity that “fuels” the E-Business process with innovative and distinguished technology and applications.

Points of interest

  • The Matrix E-Business world is a main part of the multi-channel perception - it leverages all the channels in which Matrix is active, including the mobile solutions, the Matrix CRM systems, internet portals and social network applications. The connection to the organization’s core systems is based on the Matrix abilities in the world of SOA and integration and the required connection to other organizations is based on the Matrix abilities in the B2B field.
  • The Matrix E-Business solutions know how to take advantage of the business and technological opportunities that are held within cloud computing.
  • The User eXperience center of excellence has unique experience for designing user interfaces for E-Business solutions.
  • For more information on the self service portal / sales in building public / private clouds see the Cloud Computing theme.