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B2B Center of Excellence

B2B (Business to Business) is an area that deals with commerce of products, services and/or the transference of information between business

​The information transfer through communication, both through the web (designated websites) and/or through closed and interconnected communications and systems.

Matrix B2B experts have knowledge and experience with the various standards of the industry, with different models of B2B processes and models (B2B eCommerce, B2B2C, etc.), with the leading tools and solutions of the field.

Solutions that Customers Love

​Matrix offers advanced solutions based on B2B engines in a variety of technologies and abilities for control, management and conversion, which enable the management of a large amount of different interfaces in various formats in a controlled, online manner and simple maintenance ability.

Bway - a designated B2B solution for pension consulting interfaces

Bway is a B2B infrastructure solution that provides a business, methodological and technological solution for managing interfaces between the banks that give pension consulting and the pension funds, the insurance companies and the other groups that run pension products. Matrix is the first in Israel to develop and implement a unique system that allows financial groups to receive pension products without dependency on communication format and/or medium. This solution meets the demands of the regulator.


Contact solution in front of pension clearinghouse, implemented on top of Bway infrastructures. The BwayExpress used as a layer for managing pension interfaces between the organization's internal systems and pension clearinghouse on both directions, inbound and outbound interfaces are built in accordance with the structures defined by Treasury Department's instructions. The system can be used to manage the interfaces with the pension clearinghouse, enforce business rules, perform conversions, detect erroneous messages, support feedback from the LOB system (of all types), manage SLA, handle attachments and audit the system. The solution can be viewed as a Plugin to log into the pension clearinghouse. BwayExpress also acts as a sort of a buffer, leveling updates and changes required by regulation, the clearinghouse or other partners. Reliance on existing solution frees organizations from developing interfaces' layer to the pension clearinghouse within their internal systems.



  • Characterization and implementation of B2B processes in the organization, including business connections to the relevant B2B solutions
  • Assistance in selecting B2B solutions for the organization and planning the  right architecture
  • B2B roadmap – building a practical strategy with ROI for establishing a B2B infrastructure in the organization
  • Adjusting to cloud model
  • Methodological assistance


Building infrastructures surrounding the leading products in the market that make it possible to reduce risks and advance on a faster Time to Market.

Building B2B solutions

Assistance in creating the abilities and organizational teams (B2B Competence Center) with a co-sourcing approach

Selected Tools and Infrastructures

  • An infrastructure developed by Matrix, that gives the organization a change in internal systems with minimal investment, an advanced interface for process management and for SLA management for interfaces and handling errors.
  • ACx – an e-commerce infrastructure that allows management of multi-channel commerce systems. The system includes a set of abilities to perform e-commerce.
  • B2B solutions and applications based on leading products as an inter-organizational and/or intra-organizational service.


​Methodology for B2B projects

  • Setting policy – business level
  • Planning and implementing infrastructures – technological level
  • Implementation – applicative level
  • Release – operational level

The methodology also includes a detailing of the teams and positions involved in the project throughout its various stages.

Implementing cloud-ready B2B within the organization

  • Maintaining the B2B processes separated from the internal systems of the organization
  • Implementation in an “internal door” and “external door” approach

Points of Interest