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Bezeq International


 In the beginning of 2004, Bezeq International started to operate the PeopleSoft CRM system developed by Matrix. The CRM project helped the company assemble a complete and comprehensive client picture and use it to improve service to its customers. Today this system forms the technological basis that enables better and more advanced operation of the company’s 21 service centers. More than 1,300 employees use the system, over 600 simultaneously. The system enables Bezeq International to provide the highest possible service level, which won the company several prestigious service awards.

About Bezeq International

 Bezeq International is a leading Internet service and communication provider in Israel. The company was founded in 1996 as a fully owned subsidiary of Bezeq Telecommunications Corporation. Bezeq International is active in four main fields: Internet, international telephone service, business solutions, and global activity. Bezeq International penetrated the area of Internet services in 1999. Today, with a 35% market share, it is considered the leader in the market. After merging with BezeqCall and Bezeq Zahav, Bezeq International employs about 1,800 people and takes pride in its over NIS 1B of revenues at the end of 2006.

Business Challenge

 The process of integrating the CRM system at Bezeq International started in 2002. Until then the company used the locally designed Customer Care & Billing system, which handled most customer relations management actions. “The problem with the previous system was that it was based on a relatively old technology and was not intended originally to be a CRM system,” says Uri Nissim, manager of the CRM area at Bezeq International. “The company grew at a rapid rate and needed to adjust its technological systems to the increase in the number of customers and to entry in new fields. The previous system did not fully reflect all the work processes in the organization and did not provide us with a comprehensive client picture. When the client picture is partial, it is difficult if not impossible to identify behavioral trends and to provide clients with adequate services and solutions. In addition, there were difficulties with leveraging marketing and sales activities aimed at individual clients because of the lack of relevant data or because of partial information about clients.”
In 2002 Bezeq International embarked on a strategic course of introducing the concept of CRM and selecting a support system to facilitate the implementation of approaches whereby “the client is in the center” and “client receives more.”
To implement this decision, Bezeq International initiated a systematic process of selecting a CRM system for the company, in the course of which they evaluated all the leading systems in this area. Oracle’s PeopleSoft CRM solution was selected, with Matrix as the integrator implementing the system.


The Solution

 “Oracle’s PeopleSoft CRM system was selected because it provides advanced technological capabilities at the highest possible level, from simple interfaces to other systems, scalability and high survivability, out-of-the-box capability, ease of use for various types of users in the organization, and a broad functionality supporting the management of customer relations,” says Nissim. “After a thorough examination we found that the PeopleSoft system can answer these requirements best. From the point of view of functionality, the system is based on the most advanced technology. It is intuitive, and work procedures are simple. As soon as a process is defined in the system, it can be adjusted according to the various needs of different company activities.”
By the end of January 2004, the PeopleSoft CRM system for business clients started operation. One year later, in January 2005, when the second stage of the project was completed, the system for private clients started operation, and additional functionality became available for all company activities.
“The choice of PeopleSoft CRM and of Matrix as integrator proved to be correct. The system was implemented in two stages, within the limits of aggressive time and budget allocations,” notes Nissim. “The project was implemented according to the published RFP and a methodical process of system and vendor selection. From the moment we selected Matrix, we formed a steering committee that included a project manager on behalf of the users, a project manager on behalf the information systems, user representatives, and representatives of Matrix. Because of the strategic importance of the project and its cross-organizational character, the commitment of management to the process was very high and its success very important.”

Technological Environment

 The PeopleSoft CRM fully interfaces with other technological systems in the company, such as the billing system, ERP, the financial systems, the data warehouse and Panorama systems, the HR system, electronic archives, and more. These systems are interconnected through the EAI. Altogether there are more than 70 online interfaces, more than 30 batch interfaces, snapshots, and screen popping from interfacing systems.
“We are talking about a very complex technological implementation,” explains Nissim. Thousands of messages are transferred daily between the systems by dozens of interfaces. In addition, PeopleSoft interfaces with the company’s engineering systems. For example, the process of setting up a user for surfing starts with the CRM, and is transferred through the online interface to the engineering system for immediate activation. The service center works in conjunction with Contact Center (CTI and IVR). Customers who contact the company, are identified by the system and routed to an appropriate service representative according to the IVR definition. When the representative answers the call, customer details stored in the CRM system are automatically displayed. This provides customers with the fastest and most efficient service.”
Nissim adds that within the framework of CRM implementation, Bezeq International implemented the PeopleSoft portal system, so that it is possible to view the complete client picture through the portal at all times. “The representative can see on one screen the summary of interactions with the client in areas such as failures, calls, orders, payment details, open business issues, and various financial characteristics. Actually, the service representative can reach any type of information with one click.”
The service concept of Bezeq International appears to be achieving its goals. Lately the company’s high quality of service, professional support, and the guidance it provides to its customers brought Bezeq International to the first place in the survey conducted by Globes magazine and the MarkTest Institute for the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Looking Ahead

 “In the aftermath of a merger of such companies as BezeqCall and Bezeq Zahav with Bezeq International, we must support the added new operational and business requirements. The second challenge for the future is technological. The capabilities of the CRM system must be maximized to match the new engineering systems. All these steps are designed to ensure that Bezeq International remains a technological leader and at the same time maintains the highest possible level of service,” concludes Nissim