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Tafnit Selected to Manage New Hospital in Equatorial Guinea


 The Business Systems Division of Matrix won a project for the implementation and deployment of the Tafnit ERP system at the new hospital being established in Bata, the second largest city in Equatorial Guinea.

Based on the extensive Matrix experience in the deployment of the ERP systems at several medical centers in Israel, International Medical Services, which specializes in establishing medical centers across the world, selected the unique Tafnit solution for the Bata hospital. Tafnit will handle the new ATD, logistics, and financial management areas of the hospital.

About Equatorial Guinea and the new hospital

 Equatorial Guinea, located in Central Africa, received its independence in 1968. The country has a population of approximately half a million. The hospital in Bata, the first one in the country, has been established by an Israeli group with the cooperation and support of several Israeli hospitals. Most of the medical staff is currently from Israel.

The initiative for the establishment of the hospital is rooted in the recent prosperity in the country following the discovery of oil, which brought to Equatorial Guinea many international organizations and raised the need for a hospital.
The modern hospital, of average size, is located in a new building. It has approximately 100 beds, provides surgical and maternity services, and serves at present the entire population of the country. The entrepreneurs are currently considering the establishment of an additional hospital in the capital, Malabo. Tafnit is expected to provide a comprehensive operational solution for this hospital as well.

The business challenge

 Every hospital contains two areas: the administrative and the clinical. Tafnit has been designed to provide a complete solution for all the aspects of the administrative-operational area of hospitals of any size, at an excellent cost/benefit ratio.


 The business challenge, in this case, was Matrix's endeavor to replicate the success of Tafnit in providing comprehensive operational solutions to several hospitals in Israel. Indeed, the ease with which the system was adapted in Equatorial Guinea proved that its linguistic flexibility and the comprehensive solution it provides ensure the complete success of its deployment at other hospitals in Israel and abroad. Tafnit was initially designed to provide an international solution, and therefore does not require extensive localization.

The Solution

  The hospital operators chose to install the logistics management, ATD, and financial management modules in the new hospital. At present the only operational module is the logistic one, responsible for managing the hospital's operational, purchasing, and delivery systems: equipment, pharmacy, operating room, inventory, and more.

The next module, to be deployed in November 2008, is the ATD module, which covers such processes as patient intake, hospitalization, operations and treatments performed, recording and aggregation of costs, billing, agreements and settling of accounts with paying parties and service providers, reports to government agencies, and more.
After the hospital decides on the financial management method it will follow, the financial module will be deployed to provide a comprehensive solution for financial management.
The project is estimated at present at approximately $300,000, and it is expected to grow as a result of future requests by the hospital.

Business Advantages

 Dr. Stromler, General Manager of the hospital, says that "Tafnit enabled the hospital to hit the road running from the moment of its opening and to maintain efficient management processes that enable the hospital to provide optimal services to Equatorial Guinea residents, to strengthen the hospital, and to position it as a modern, successful facility."

According to Menachem Nissenboim, Director of the Business Systems Division at Matrix, "Matrix has extensive experience and knowledge in the implementation of financial, logistics, and administrative systems in medical institutions. This is the most comprehensive system operational in Israel for the management of medical centers. It has been installed successfully at numerous medical centers and hospitals, including the Sheba Medical Center, the Assuta Medical Centers (six hospitals), Assaf Harofe, Laniado, Ichilov, Bikur Holm, Maayanei Hayeshua, the Herzlia Medical Center, and more."

Looking Ahead

There has been growing interest in the Tafnit ERP system on the part of various organizations worldwide, including analysts of international research firms specializing in the medical sector and international entrepreneurs establishing medical centers worldwide, particularly in developing areas such as Eastern Europe, the Far East, Africa, and others. The main advantage of the system lies in the concept of comprehensive and integrative solution that supports all operational work processes in the hospital – unlike other systems that provide partial solutions. The comprehensive solution enables, among others:

  • Attending to patients through all stages of hospitalization and treatment.

  • Aggregating all the costs associated with the patient's hospitalization, including follow-up, aggregation, and analysis of data from dedicated/supplementary modules operating at the hospital and integrated in the comprehensive solution (operating room management, pharmacy, food production and distribution, and more).

  • Full settling of accounts with all paying parties/insurers as well as with physicians (closing the circle) based on a sophisticated and flexible agreements module.

Among the first foreign installations of Tafnit it is possible to name also the successful deployment of the Tafnit system for the management of computerized cabinets at the Jacobi Medical Center and the Bellevue Hospital Center in New York, in cooperation with Pegasus, and of the Kings County Hospital Center, currently being installed.

Following the successful installation of the hospital in Bata, an additional deployment of Tafnit is expected to take place in the new hospital to be established in the capital city of Equatorial Guinea.

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